Rhodiola Rosea – the natural way to battle depression and anxiety

November 12, 2012

Rhodiola Rosea – the natural way to battle depression and anxiety

Ginseng is one of the best known foods to contain an adaptogen. However, very few people have actually heard of the word adaptogen or know what it means. An adaptogen is a natural chemical found in certain food stuffs which assist our bodies to help them cope with stress, both physical and mental.

But there is a product that has more adaptogens within it than ginseng and it is called rhodiola rosea. Coming from a small yellow flower which exists in the colder areas of the world and prefers a rocky environment, it has been found that the roots of this small flower contain ample amounts of a very powerful adaptogen.

Those who have an interest in natural health and alternative medicines are already aware of the benefits that taking supplements made from rhodiola rosea can bring. However scientists in the US and Sweden are now finding evidence to confirm these beliefs. It is also being said that KGB agents when working for the former Soviet Union were given extract of rhodiola rosea in the belief that it would ensure top performance when stressful situations arose.

The Swedish scientists have found that rhodiola rosea is helpful when treating patients with anxiety and depression, whilst the American scientists saw benefits when dealing with people with endurance problems or stress related issues.

Because the news about rhodiola rosea is now out, there are many mass produced products on the market, in most cases these are inferior to the quality natural supplements. If you want to try out this product with its adaptogens to treat anxiety or depression then make sure that you choose a quality product. It takes time for the therapeutic drugs to build up in the body so any effect is not instant increasing the importance of choosing the correct product, it should contain at least 3% rosavins.

Rosavins are known to be particularly effective in the fight against mild depression or anxiety and generally these supplements are inexpensive to buy. The result can be a great improvement to your quality of life and the treatment is natural.

People who suffer side effects when taking anti depressants or make the decision not to take them can use rhadiola rosea because it is a natural product and tends to work without side effects and does not have the stigma which some people associate with anti depressants. Discussing your plans with a health profession is wise, especially if you have already been diagnosed as having anxiety or depression.

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