Pregnant in Heels

November 12, 2012

Pregnant in Heels

Pregnancy brings in many physical and psychological changes in women. The changes can often lead to a lot of discomfort. Some women change their lifestyle and fashion when they get pregnant, others prefer to continue wearing their favorite shoes and clothes.


Many women prefer to wear high heels. They are often considered bold, and make a distinct style statement. You would easily notice a woman in heels. However, if you are pregnant, wearing heels may not be a great idea.

Pregnancy is a sensitive and tough stage in a woman’s life. You need to take care of yourself and the baby as well. Being pregnant in heels may lead to unnecessary complications and side effects, which may make your pregnancy harder.


Wearing heels for prolonged periods of time can alter your posture and stress your back. This can affect the muscles in the area. When combined with heels, your large belly can cause compression of the spinal cord and the nerves passing through it. This can lead to serious back pain, sprains and nerve pain. While most woman experience back pain at some stage of pregnancy, woman who are pregnant in heels may experience chronic symptoms. The heels may also strain your legs and ankles, causing serious muscle ache. The symptoms are worse in women who were not used to wearing the high heels before getting pregnant.

Being pregnant in heels can also increase your risk of sciatic nerve injury. This excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve can lead to serious symptoms such as burning sensation in buttocks and lower back, pins and needles sensation and numbness in legs. Being pregnant in heels can also lead to swollen ankles.


Walking in heels requires a change in the way you balance your body weight. When you get pregnant, the growing abdomen can change the distribution of weight in your body. So, a woman who is pregnant in heels may find it difficult adjust her posture. This may lead to unwanted injuries and slips, which may be dangerous to you and your baby.


Being pregnant in heels can lead to several complications. Try to avoid them if possible. They may not be worth the trouble. Think of you and your baby’s health and safety instead. The complications may have prolonged impact on you overall health. A little care during pregnancy can make all the difference.

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