Potential spirulina side effects

November 12, 2012

Potential spirulina side effects

Spirulina is an anti-oxidant blue algae, that grows in abundance in the shores of lagoons in South East Asia. It is immensely popular in Japan where the product continues to be held in the highest regard thanks to its abilities as an anti-oxidant. As a consumer of any product though, it is wise to be cautious and consider any spirulina side effects. Spirulina is so popular due to its incredible number of health benefits. It is believed to lower cholesterol, protect cells against degeneration, assist with digestion and keep the body energised. The supplement contains 10 vitamins, 18 amino acids and 8 minerals. All of those nutrients and vitamins in one supplement mean people don’t require such as high calorie intake and that is how it aids with weight loss. With so many positives it is easy to understand why, despite knowing about the spirulina side effects so many people continue to take and give credit to it. In actual fact in order to experience any spirulina side effects, you would have to take a very high dose of it. As long as you stick to the recommended amount and check with your doctor first, it is unlikely that you will experience any problems. The side effects that could potentially be caused by spirulina are actually very similar to the side effects you would experience if you were to overdose on Vitamin C or Vitamin A. The high concentration of nucleic acid present in the organic matter would cause kidney and liver damage. As previously mentioned though, it would take extremely large amount to cause this kind of effect.

Minimise the chance of succumbing to any spirlina side effects by discussing th supplements and whether or not it will beneficial to add it to your diet with your doctor or a health care provider. Some people should take extra precaution, as it is not yet known exactly how spirilina could affect certain conditions or interfere with any medication that may be being taken. For instance it is highly recommended that pregnant or breast-feeding women discuss it with their doctor first. Additionally, be aware that it is a marine product, so it is likely that some people will have an allergic reaction to it. When starting a new supplement it is a good idea to begin with small doses for a while to see how your body reacts to it before taking the full recommended dosage.

The reported spirulina side effects do not include loss of appetite. Those that feel less hungry whilst using this supplement, do so because their body’s are fully nourished and not craving any other foods. Some people think that the supplement is tricking the body into feeling full, as many weight loss pills do, but in fact it is simply nourishing the body. Therefore so long as you stick to the recommended dosage amounts, follow the instructions included or take advice from your doctor, it is unlikely you will experience any spirulina side effects at all and will in fact improve the healthiness and nourishment of your body.


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