Potential Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

November 12, 2012

Potential Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal is a medical treatment so naturally there are some potential laser hair removal side effects, of which anyone who is considering having the procedure done should be aware. Side effects can be temporary of permanent and the type of skin you have can often play a factor in which of the laser hair removal side effects you are most likely to be affected by. Temporary laser hair removal side effects as you may expect are much more common than permanent ones. The length of time and severity of symptoms can vary from person to person and may last anywhere from a few days, weeks or even months to completely clear up.

Temporary side effects

The first of the laser hair removal side effects is pain, which often occurs both during and after the procedure. Local or anaesthetic or other methods are sometimes used by the clinic to reduce the levels of pain and discomfort as much as possible. Any pain or discomfort that continues over the following days after the treatment can be relieved through pain relief medication. Swelling is another of the potential temporary laser hair removal side effects. Swelling may occur at or around the site that has been treated and can be particularly irritating depending on the area that was treated. Topical treatments are usually very effective for this and can be prescribed by your practitioner. Redness is one of the most common and least serious laser hair removal side effects. However, if the treated area is particularly visible such as on the top lip, topical creams can be used to speed up recovery time. Blistering is probably one of the worse laser hair removal side effects as it can be painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing when in visible places. There are some treatments for blisters but it can take a while for them to completely heal. Hyper-pigmentation is the name for darkening of the skin. This is only temporary but there are often no treatments that can effectively reduce the effects and you simply have to wait for it to disappear by itself.

Long term side effects

As well as these temporary side effects that are cases of long term or permanent laser hair removal side effects. You should be aware of these and be prepared to risk these outcomes before undergoing any treatment. Skin discolouration can occur most commonly in the form of skin lightening on the treated area. The laser focuses on the darker coloured hairs so can sometimes also have an affect on dark skin. This is not physically painful but some people may find it visually upsetting. Scaring is a rare side effect and so long as a fully trained professional does the procedure, should not occur. The same can be said for burns and although these side effects are rare, patients should be aware that they could potentially happen even with the most qualified and experienced technician.

How to avoid side effects?

In order to attempt to reduce the likelihood of any of these laser hair removal side effects there are some actions that can be taken before the procedure. Avoid tanning beds and sun exposure for a few weeks before hand as the procedure works best on natural and light skin tones. Also avoid waxing and plucking as this can make the skin more sensitive. Make sure the area to be treated is as clean as possible and if you are having treatment on your face do not wear any make up. If you have any worries or queries ask your practitioner and make sure that you are comfortable with and trust whoever performs your laser hair removal treatment.

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