Phone Cancer: Is it real?

November 12, 2012

Phone Cancer: Is it real?

Can your cell phone really cause you to suffer from phone cancer? The possible development of brain tumors from mobile phones has been a topic of debate for years.

As the use of cell phones has increased dramatically over the last few years, the question as to whether or not there is an actual safety hazard needs to be answered. While scientific evidence currently shows that it is very improbable that phone cancer is real, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified cell phones into “group 2B.” This grouping means that the devices have been identified as possibly causing cancer among the human population. Possibly, maybe, could be; what good do these terms do for all the users of cell phones?

Phone Cancer Evidence

Over the last decade, there have been a large number of studies focused around the connection between brain tumors and cell phone use. The general consensus of these studies from around the world is that cell phone use does not increase the chance of developing brain cancer. One of the largest studies in the world was performed by the Danish and included 420,000 subjects. The results among this population supported the fact that a link does not currently exist between cancer and phones.

The United Kingdom has kept detailed records of all brain cancer cases. The number of cases has remained fairly constant over the years even though the majority of the population uses a cell phone on some sort of regular basis. Because brain cancer cases have not increased as cell phone use has increased, it would support the idea that cell phone use is fairly safe. An Interphone study looked at thousands of brain cancer patients from about thirteen countries. Researchers determined that the data from this study also supported the fact that phone-related cancer is very unlikely. While it seemed that people had developed tumors on the side of the head where they normally held their phone, there was still no direct correlation that the phone use itself caused brain cancer.

Problems with Brain Cancer Studies

The strangest effect noticed from a multitude of studies was that people with brain tumors had a tendency to report that the tumors were on the side of the head where they talked on the phone. There a few problems with this notion because people were being asked about their phone use from years and years earlier. This means that memories could be flawed and that the information is not solely reliable. Brain tumors also have a tendency to affect the memory which leads to more issues with the collection of information from interviews and questionnaires. Another problem is that with all the media about phone cancer, participants’ responses could have been swayed.

People should also remember that a valid explanation for how a cell phone could cause cancer has not been identified. The radiation transmitted by the phones is so weak that they cannot damage DNA which is required for the formation of tumors. Even the heat produced by the phones has been examined. It is not hot enough to cause any sort of damage to the human brain.

Reducing your Phone Cancer Risk

As the mobile phone is a fairly new invention, long term studies have not yet been implemented. Just in case cell phones do indeed increase the risk of a person getting cancer, many countries have put in place safety standards to limit the amount of radiation cell phones give off. In order to provide adequate protection, adults should try to limit the length of their phone calls. Cell phone use should be limited for people under 16 years old because their nervous systems and brain may still be in development. People can be sure that research regarding phone cancer will continue until our knowledge of the situation is complete.


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