Perimenopause Symptoms and Diet

November 12, 2012

Perimenopause Symptoms and Diet

If you’re a women, then you know perimenopause symptoms can be very uncomfortable. But, did you know you can get that under control with diet?

If you are experiencing perimenopause symptoms, it’s probably a good idea to share your experiences with other women. There are a number of forums on women’s health issues that you can attend or even participate on a forum online. It helps to have an opportunity to interact directly or indirectly with women who are experiencing the same mental and physical changes that we all have to go through in life. As we age, you can see how the topics change. Just a few years ago I was concerned health issues that involved heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure. However, my attention has turned to menopause and its symptoms and what can be done about them. Talking with other women going through the same thing allows for learning in a calm and supportive environment.

Perimenopause Symptoms

Perimenopause symptoms are experienced in the time before actual menopause. This time of life is also referred to as the menopausal transition. This is described as a biological shift from ovulation to not ovulating and becoming infertile. Hormones are waxing and waning and it seems as if our bodies are betraying us. We become physically and mentally uncomfortable with our bodies and can experience quite a bit of pain. Some women experience intense hot flashes that make you feel like you are on fire. This is a time when your period is irregular, you experience insomnia, mood swings and bone density loss. Vaginal dryness can become a problem and sex may become painful. And, how about those cold night sweats. That surely keeps you up all night and freezing to boot. Perimenopause symptoms don’t have to run our lives. Some of these discomforts can be softened simply by changing what we eat.

Perimenopause Diet

They say what you eat is what you are. Well, there’s certainly some truth to that. Nevertheless, what you eat can have a strong influence on perimenopause symptoms. Ideally, you want to take in more fruit and vegetables. Basically any plant based foods so that would mean whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and legumes. All of the plant foods contain fiber that binds cholesterol and prevents it from being absorbed in the gut. This has an effective of lowering your cholesterol at a time when you need it. It’s probably a good idea to take calcium supplements along with vitamin D3 and boron. These are important minerals for bones and at this time you begin losing the bone matrix and bones can become brittle. This is a perimenopause symptom. Besides supplementation, eat foods that are high in calcium such as clams, sardines and dairy products. To bring more iron in your system, particularly if you’re having heavy irregular periods try red meat, eggs and green leafy vegetables. Oh and don’t forget nuts. Ideally you should stay away from processed foods, sugar and bad fats. Make sure you check can goods for added sugar, salt and fats. Actually better to stay away from can goods and stick with fresh vegetables and fruits. Eating healthy should also bring your weight down. Lowering your weight will lighten many perimenopause symptoms.

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