Organise your fitness regime with P90X workout sheets

November 12, 2012

Organise your fitness regime with P90X workout sheets

P90X workout sheets, calendar and fit test are available to download and basically act as a fitness regime guide, which you can follow and use to record your progress. The guides combine resistance training with cardio training to provide you with instructions and goals to aid you in reaching your target level of fitness. There are three different routines available to choose from depending on your current level of fitness and what you are hoping to achieve.

The first P90X workout sheets regime is called the P90X Classic. This is basically a medium level fitness regime that combines cardio with resistance training and is the option that most people go for. It is, however a very intense regime, so if you are just getting back into working out after a long period of time or if your fitness levels are particularly low, this may not be the ideal option for you.

There is a P90X workout sheets regime, which is slightly less intense and aimed to ease people into the wok out. This guide is known as the P90X Lean and has more focus on cardio exercise rather than resistance workouts. This regime is highly suited for anyone looking to lose weight or tone up and also those of you have neglected to work out for a long period of time. This regime is considered to be easier but is in no way a push over. It is still intense and takes a great deal of motivation and self discipline to complete.

The third and final of the P90X workout sheets is called P90X Doubles. This is by far the most intense of the guides and is not recommended for beginners. As the name suggests this regime involves a double work out so you will be doing twice the amount of training. In order to fully commit to this regime you need to have the time and desire to give to this regime. Only attempt this option if you are ready to push yourself to the limit.

The choice of which P90X workout sheets regime to go for is completely up to you. If you are unsure which level of fitness you are currently at, start with the P90X Lean. See how you feel with this regime for a month and if it is too easy or does not push you enough then you can always move on to the P90X classic. It is important to push yourself but not also to know your limits. If you are finding your choice to hard, them drop to the easier regime and move back up as your fitness improves.

I addition to the P90X workout sheets, there is also a P90X nutrition plan. Following both the work out and diet plan together is the most effective way of losing weight, toning up and improving your general fitness levels. Completing all 90 days of the plan is both challenging and rewarding. Many people find it easier to stick to the regime throughout the entire time, of they have friend or another person doing it along side them. This way you can provide each other with support and motivation through each stage of the P90X workout sheets fitness plan.

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