Optimum Nutrition: The Holy Grail of Getting Fit

November 12, 2012

Optimum Nutrition: The Holy Grail of Getting Fit

Centuries ago, our ancestors went out on quests to help better their tribes, nations or families. Adventures would fight monsters and bring home sacred objects. Oh, for those simple times. Modern men and women have a much harder task – to fight the monsters within and show to the world that they can be physically fit. Instead of using a sword and shield, fitness questers use exercise, doctor’s advice and optimum nutrition.

Never Assume

It can be tempting to fall into black or white thinking when pursuing fitness goals and optimum nutrition. For example, fat was once considered to be a horrible thing to eat. Perfect bodies were assumed to have zero percent fat. This is a mistaken assumption. Fat does have a role to play in optimum nutrition. The healthy body also needs a little bit of fat. Two or three percent of body fat is the least body fat you ever want to have or you will begin to starve. Women usually need a bit more fat than men.

When you begin your path to fitness, you will find all sorts of conflicting advice and old wives’ tales. Never assume that what you know about exercise and optimum nutrition is. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist to find out what your diet should include and exclude. This will save you money in the long run so that you do not have to pay bills on repairing any damage done from fad diets or over exertion.

Easy Does It

In classical mythology, a monster called the Hydra would grow another head after a head was cut off. But the Hydra has nothing on unwanted pounds and inches. In order to get fit, you not only have to lose weight – you need to keep it off. The best way to do this is to lose only one or two pounds per week. This slow weight loss does not give fast results, but gives longer-lasting results.

Finding your optimum nutrition plan will take time. Your body may need to adjust to eating healthier foods. By changing your diet slowly, substituting healthier foods and beverages for your usual treats, will help your taste buds be more cooperative. Drinking a glass of water before a meal can help you eat smaller portions. Adding hot spices to your food encourages you to eat slower and feel fuller quicker.

Know When to Quit

No optimum nutrition plan contains cigarettes or other tobacco products. Although movie stars like Clint Eastwood can get rid of all bad guys while smoking, real people cannot. Smoking slows down your metabolism and circulation. It also dulls your taste buds, which is why many people who smoke eat foods with lots of salt and sugar because those are the only foods they can taste.

Over the counter diet pills that contain caffeine should also be kept out of any fitness plan. You may lose a few pounds quickly, but what you lose is excess fluid. Some claim that diet pills give you the energy to exercise, but usually they only make you jittery and sleepless. You can’t fight fitness battles when exhausted.

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