Old Age and Dying

November 12, 2012

Old Age and Dying

We have all of these moving parts, joints that keep on going for almost a century in some cases, the eyes can generally keep on seeing and apart from a few common problems with the bladder everything works well into old age. Have you ever seen a car that’s over 80 years old? It’s an impressive sight; well take a look in the mirror, that’s an impressive sight too. Except that we have grown blas .

It’s the biggest part of life, some say, death and the fact that we are dying from the day that we are born. Although we all know how we are going to end up we don’t all know some of the interesting changes your body makes getting there.

The eyes in your head when you are born will not change in size throughout your life yet your ears and nose keep growing. So the next time someone tells you about those big eyes on the baby you know why. And it appears that the ears and nose grow in seven year cycles.

When a baby is newly born its head is about 25% of the total length of the infant yet by the time that baby is in their twenties the head will only account for about 12.5%. It will grow but much slower than the rest of the body.

When people get older they don’t only become deafer and can see less well, they also lose about half of their taste buds. So when you watch granny or granddad delving into the mustard and sauces with the meal it might be because they cannot taste any of the subtle flavorings – and if they are adding it to the apple pie then perhaps the eyes aren’t too good either.

And we all know that old age doesn’t come alone, by the time we are 60 years old snoring will be much more common. It is recorded that 60% of men and 40% of women snore by the time they are in their sixties. The good news is that hearing diminishes too, so if your partner is a loud snorer then maybe you won’t hear them.

Now we are at the end of the journey but we still have a surprise. Initially people thought that hair and nails continued to grow after death. This has been proved to be untrue, what actually happens is that as the skin dries out and withdraws from the hair and nails it gives the appearance of them growing.

Most of our body is water and so when we are cremated that just evaporates leaving a much smaller amount of tissue to be dealt with. In the end the average person is reduced to about 9 pounds or 4 kilograms of ash.

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