Need to Know Fasting for Blood Work Procedures

November 12, 2012

Need to Know Fasting for Blood Work Procedures

Going for blood tests are common procedures today and generally call for some form of fasting or non-eating period to clean up your system . However, depending on what your blood test is for you will have different fasting times and liquid requirements. We’ll take a look at common blood tests such as measuring triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels, and glucose levels. Your healthcare provider or local lab will provide you with full instructions but if you want to know ahead of time this article can provide you with information in advance.

Fasting Rules for Triglyceride Levels Blood Test If are interested in getting a blood test for your triglyceride levels, the instructions are as follows. In general, fasting for triglyceride levels goes anywhere from 12 to 14 hours. This fasting is done over night and your blood test should be done in the morning as soon as possible to get the most accurate measurement. You are allowed to drink water during your fasting time but anything else can change your triglyceride levels. Do not drink anything else including tea or coffee. If you take any vitamins, over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as antihistamines or prescription drugs such as antibiotics or cortisone, they should be discontinued for this period of time. You need to talk with your doctor about any medications or natural supplements you are taking including any special diets you may be on. Your physician will give you further instructions if necessary. And, remember no alcoholic beverages are allowed for 24 hours before your test. If you violate your fasting period, tell your doctor and reschedule another time for your blood work.

Fasting Rules for Cholesterol levels Blood Test

If your are interested in getting a blood test for cholesterol levels, your fasting times range somewhere between 9 and 12 hours. Generally, you need to keep a list of what you’ve been eating for the past week. Your physician will probably instruct you to remain on your current diet as you want this test to measure what your current diet is doing. However your doctor may instruct you to avoid high cholesterol foods to get an idea of what your liver is putting out. If your cholesterol levels are high and you’ve been fasting and have a diet low in cholesterol, this indicates your liver is producing to much cholesterol. This puts you at risk of heart attack, stroke and plaque in your arteries. This may call for prescription medication but your doctor will determine what is needed. Your first line of defense is usually diet and exercise to get your cholesterol levels under control.

Fasting Rules for Glucose Levels Blood Test

Fasting rules for blood glucose levels are usually 12 hours. The easy way to do this is to fast over night so you are sleeping. Have your blood test early in the morning. Make sure you have eaten nothing but you can have some water.

It is important that you don’t cheat on your fasting to get the best possible results. If for some reason you ate or drank something you shouldn’t, you need to tell the doctor or the lab where the blood test is done and reschedule for another time.

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