Muscle Milk

November 12, 2012

Muscle Milk

People intending to bulk up their muscles commonly use muscle milk in the form of a supplement, as it is a great source of protein. But how effective is muscle milk?

What is muscle milk?

Muscle milk is used by a range of people from those who are too skinny and need help gaining weight to those who already have a large muscle mass and want to maintain it. Muscle milk must be thought of as a supplement to a healthy and balanced diet rather than a replacement for any food type. Whilst it is high in protein it is important to continue getting protein from other sources such as meat as these foods offer additional nutrients that the milk does not contain.

How is it taken?

The muscle milk comes in the form of a powder and can be mixed into either water or milk according to preference. There is also the option of purchasing the product in a ready to drink liquid form. Both the powder and liquid versions come in a variety of flavors similar to other milk and in cream brands currently available. The protein found in this product comes from a number of sources including casein, milk protein and whey protein. As it is completely lactose free those who are lactose intolerant don’t need to worry, as the product is completely safe for them to consume so long as they buy the powder form. This way it can be mixed into water rather than milk so they can avoid the lactose found in milk. The product also contains complex carbohydrates so it will also provide you with a boost of energy.

For whom is the product most effective?

Those who are smaller will find they have the most significant results from muscle milk. Those who are skinny and are attempting to gain weight in the form of muscle should notice good results from this product. In order to gain muscle rather than fat, you need to consume a large amount of calories in the right forms. The calories consumed in the form of food will help to gain weight but will not be as effective as increasing muscle mass as obtaining extra calories through muscle milk will be. The advantage of this product as it doesn’t require to prepare numerous healthy meals throughout the day but rather is a quick drink that can be had whilst on the move and at any time of the day. There is also a light version of muscle milk, which is aimed at people who want to lose weight and need an alternative way to feel full rather than eating, It will be most effective when consumed after a workout so the calories are used repairing damaged muscles.


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