Muscle Milk Side Effects

November 12, 2012

Muscle Milk Side Effects

Muscle Milk is a new protein which many body builders and weight lifters use to increase energy levels during training. However it is similar to many other protein supplements because Muscle Milk side effects can include diarrhea, cramps and nausea. Muscle Milk side effects can also have a bearing on the health of your heart. This is because it contains G-amine which can raise homocysteine in the blood and this has been connected to the possibility of heart disease. If you have diabetes, speak with your doctor prior to taking it as another one of muscle’s milk side effects is that it can affect blood sugar levels. Some of the other Muscle Milk side effects include bloatedness and gas, caused by the compound crystalline fructose, which is a major ingredient in Muscle Milk. One of the possible Muscle Milk side effects spoken about is the affect on the male reproductive system. But as yet no association has been proven because many bodybuilders and weight lifters use a combination of supplements and the other supplements are known to increase levels of estrogen in the body. Whether Muscle Milk increases the estrogen levels further is not yet known. Muscle Milk is very high in fat and calorific content yet it is presented as an aid to burning fat and building muscle. The fats are tryglicerides and these are easily taken in by the body and burn the fat. It has also got a high level of particular amino acids which help the burning of the fat. Carnitine particularly is used in the transportation of fats straight into the site of the cells energy production.

If you are using Muscle Milk protein and gaining unwanted weight stop using it and choose another protein powder. Muscle Milk is formulated specifically with fat burning and lean muscle in mind, but reacts differently with each body type and metabolisms. It is more suited to a weight lifting or body building workout rather than regular jogging for example.

Muscle Milk has high levels of vitamins A and D. It also contains colostrums which are high in nutrition and contains amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes. Muscle Milk is a combination of whey protein which produces a fast release of protein and a slow release of protein with medium chain triglyceride fats for energy.

There are some reports claiming Muscle Milk was designed to replicate breast milk. Babies who have been breastfed store fat which can stay with them for months after feeding yet Muscle Milk produces a contradictory outcome by causing muscle build up quickly. Approximately 300 calories are contained in muscle milk and unwanted weight gain and reduced fat burning, in certain cases, are other Muscle Milk side effects. This effect is caused by the high amount of calories present in the protein supplement. Should you work out hard and long enough this should not be an issue.

For many people one of the most obvious Muscle Milk side effects will be lighter pockets as the cost is expensive when compared to the competition or standard protein supplements.


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