Muscle Building – Back To Basics

November 12, 2012

Muscle Building – Back To Basics

Bodybuilding has been around for many, many years, but a lot of professionals like you to think that it is a complicated process, but it isn’t!

If you go back to basics and formulate a workout of tried and tested foundation exercises you should be able to learn and perfect these movements, which will get you great results faster!

A Fast Formula For Success

Bench Press – If you want to build strong chest muscles then you must do bench press exercises. To build mass use heavy weights and fewer repetitions and then change to medium weights with higher repetitions.

Dead-lift – This core exercise should be an integral part of your routine. It works various muscle groups at the same time, almost using every muscle in your body, although you will probably only feel the pull in your thighs and back, your whole body does benefit from this exercise.

Squats – When you do squats your endocrine system releases hormones which increase muscle growth. Squats build overall muscle mass as well as working your hips, lower back and legs. Done on a regular basis it is a perfect leg exercise.

Progressive overload – In order to grow, muscles need to be worked and progressive overload is used by bodybuilders to work the muscles hard and create quicker growth. It is done by increasing the number of repetitions and using heavier weights to push your body even harder.

Reaching a plateau

Nature won’t let you push your body too hard forever and eventually you will reach a plateau, which means that no matter how hard you try your muscles will not improve. However there are ways to get over this plateau by using what is known as the conjugate method, it originated from Russia, but was perfected in the States and it consists of a combination of lifting exercises to gain muscle and weight, but although the exercises are the same as you did before, they are varied, tricking the body into thinking that they are new and therefore not at the plateau stage. It is essential that anybody interested in bodybuilding should have a basic training technique which is safe and effective.

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