Moobs – Also known as Man Boobs!

November 12, 2012

Moobs – Also known as Man Boobs!

Man boobs may be one of the most dreaded things for the male sex. They are the fatty deposits around your pectoral muscles (pecs) that would look lovely in a lacy, balconnette style brassiere, but not so great under your fitted, designer tees. Man boobs make men feel insecure and unmanly, and they are deemed by many to be unsightly and a sign of laziness. The cause of “moobs” or man boobs is an excess of oestrogen in the male hormone system, so basically a hormone imbalance. This means that losing weight will not do any particular good, and many men can attest to this. Men lose weight, but their moobs remain in proportion to the rest of their body without disappearing. Men who are planning a sex-change operation are given large doses of oestrogen and female hormones prior to any invasive operative surgery to prepare the body and make it as feminine as possible before the official change over. The hormones increase breast tissue, and can also have an effect on penis size, i.e. make it smaller. Despite people having hugely different tastes, it’s fairly safe to say that the majority of women do not find it attractive if a man has larger breasts than she does. But what can be done to fix the problem? What are some of the causes of “moobs”? Basically, as we have noted, man boobs are caused by a hormone imbalance. This occurs when the male hormone, testosterone, is changed into the female hormone oestrogen. Testosterone is responsible for things like your libido, your muscle mass and is known to improve focus and ambition in various areas of your life. Oestrogen on the other hand, is what causes women to have a distinctively curvy body shape – it is responsible for the female reproductive system running smoothly and also directs the distribution of fat around a woman’s figure. Hormones are a complex issue, but basically to get rid of man boobs, it is necessary to raise the testosterone levels in your body and inhibiting something known as “aromatase”, which will lower the oestrogen levels in your system. Both of these things will help eliminate high, breast-causing oestrogen levels.

If you are significantly overweight, your first priority should be to lose excess fat. You can’t expect to have great pectoral muscles if you are flabby elsewhere. If you have high oestrogen levels, you are more likely to have larger man boobs. Beer can also enhance this problem due to the oestrogen in the hops that it is made with, so if your chest is something you are conscious about, you should cut back on lagers, beers and ales. Alcohol is not the best if you are trying to lose weight, but beer will completely ruin any fat loss attempts you may be undergoing.

One theory with regard to the excessive hormone levels we are seeing in men is related to the amount of women in the UK taking the contraceptive pill. It is thought that the excess hormones the pill produces in women are being urinated out into the water system, and ultimately consumed by men who then suffer with man boobs. According to one statistic, the average glass of water in London has been through around 7 people before it reaches you!

It may be difficult to get rid of breasts as a man, and many males resort to surgery because of the problem it causes for them, but there are certain things you can do to help yourself. Intensive weight training raises your testosterone levels significantly, and exercise in general will help you lose fat. It’s also important that you have good zinc levels, and that your diet is healthy and balanced. This means that you should avoid beer and only eat fatty foods in moderation! Nuts and wild meat are also great additions to your diet, especially if you are spending a lot of time at the gym.

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