Molloscum Contagiosum Treatment

November 12, 2012

Molloscum Contagiosum Treatment

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin condition that can affect anyone but is most common in children and teenagers. There are a number of different forms of effective molloscum contagiosum treatment.


Some people chose not to bother with any molloscum contagiosum treatment, as when left to its own devices, the condition will clear up naturally. The problem is that this can take several months and many people prefer not to wait such a long time. This is often the case, as the virus tends to affect parts of the body that are easily visible such as the face and arms. Additionally the virus is highly contagious and it is recommended that infected parties avoid any skin-to-skin contact as well as sharing items such as towels and flannels. There are three main categories of molloscum contagiosum treatment and they are: benign neglect, direct lesional trauma and immune response stimulation. Additionally there are a number of topical agents that can be applied to the area.

Benign Neglect

This is the form of molloscum contagiosum treatment where you leave it alone and allow the condition to heal itself. This is often the best option for younger children who may find it scary to undergo some of the other molloscum contagiosum treatment options. Additionally, if the individual only has a small area of spots, which don’t cause any trouble, it may not be necessary to have treatment. Facial lesions can be especially troublesome and painful to treat so these should be left for as long as possible to see if they will resolve themselves.

Direct lesional trauma

This is the form of molloscum contagiosum treatment, whereby the affected area is purposely irritated to provoke the body into repairing the lesions. This may be done with creams such as tretinoin cream or potassium hydroxide both of which are intended to cause inflammation of the area. Alternatively, physical trauma can be used and this has proven to be a very successful method of molloscum contagiosum treatment. There are a number of ways that this can be done such as with cryotherapy, laser therapy, curettage, tweezers, using a needle or with duct tape occlusion. Parents are able to us the needle method by teasing out the white core at the centre of the spots. This will cause inflammation of the spots and speed up the recovery time to a week or so. A medical professional should perform most of the other methods, which is why this choice of treatment may be scary for younger children.

Immune response Stimulation

Certain creams and topical injections have proved to be an effective molloscum contagiosum treatment in those who have a particularly resistant form of the condition. They stimulate the immune system to fight the virus but the problem with this form of treatment is the high cost.

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