Moderate and Regular Alcohol Intake can be Good for You

November 12, 2012

Moderate and Regular Alcohol Intake can be Good for You

A recent study indicates that some alcohol can be good for you. The report, carried out by researchers from Harvard Medical School, has found that middle aged (age 58) women who drank one alcoholic drink a day were 20% more likely to be free of disease at age 70 than non drinkers.

The study identified that women who drank an equivalent of one glass of wine daily had a lower chance of contracting diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart disease in later life than if they did not drink or if they drank four or more drinks at any one time.

The study initially asked a group of 13,894 women involved in the NursesÂ’ Health Study to fill in a detailed questionnaire when they were about 58 years old. Factors being considered were food and drink intake. The same group of women was then revisited at age 70 where health information was gathered this time.

Other factors which affect health such as smoking, family history and physical condition were taken into account and it was found that women who drank in moderation and regularly were less at risk of contracting chronic conditions as they grew older.

In Moderation Drinking can be Good for You

The study found that moderation and regularity are the keys to getting benefits from alcohol. The study also indicated that regular drinkers benefited more than occasional drinkers. Some figures identified were that a regular but moderate drinker who drank nearly everyday was almost 50% less prone to contracting a chronic condition. Those who drank 3 or 4 days a week had a 29% lesser likelihood of developing a disease.

The researchers conclude that the answer is to spread the alcohol consumption throughout the week, not just over a smaller period of time such as a few days. They also point out that recent recommendations that moderate alcohol consumption may have health benefits are fully supported by their findings.

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