Migraine symptoms

November 12, 2012

Migraine symptoms

Migraines are a fairly common condition that can be very severe. There are a number of causes of migraines and they are also often accompanied by a number of various other migraine symptoms.


Migraines can effect people of all ages but tend to begin to occur during childhood, adolescence or as a young adult. It is a chronic condition, which means that once someone begins to suffer from migraines they will generally find that they occur somewhat regularly. In most cases there is some kind of trigger such as stress that causes a migraine to come on and one of the best ways to avoid them is to attempt to avoid the trigger. All sufferers will have different causes of their migraines and they may also have some other symptoms that accompany the headache. Whilst everyone who suffers form migraines will experience an intense headache, the migraine symptoms that come with it can vary. It often the case that these migraine symptoms actually occur before the migraine itself so some people can feel a migraine coming on a day or so before the headache itself. Some of the most common migraine symptoms include:

  • Head pain

This is not the actual headache but a pain that is felt before the onset of the actual migraine. It can appear on both sides of the head or be limited to just one side and is considered to be a warning sign of an imminent migraine. This pain may slowly get worse until it becomes the migraine.

  • Thirst

A sudden and extreme thirst is another migraine symptom and often occurs at the same time as other general feelings of being unwell. For instance nausea and fatigue. Symptoms such as these are what are known as premonitions.

  • Nausea

This is a migraine symptom that tends to vary in severity from person to person. Some people will only experience some mild nausea whilst others will have it severe enough to actually vomit. In some cases it will occur before the migraine and then ease up but in others it was remain for as long as the migraine does.

  • Light sensitivity

Sensitivity to both light and sound is a common and distinguishing migraine symptom. Again it may occur before the migraine or it may occur during the migraine or both. In severe cases even a small amount of light will become painful for the eyes and noise will aggravate other migraine symptoms including the headache itself. Individuals suffering from migraine symptoms often require a dark, quiet room in which to lie down.

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