Meat diets

November 12, 2012

Meat diets

The meat diets have been a popular method of weight loss for quite some time. There are many variations to it and most of them are flexible enough to be worked into most people needs.

An introduction to the meat diets

The meat diets also referred to as the protein diet has been a popular method of weight loss now for a number of years. It has been found to be popular with a wide range of people including celebrities. As a flexible diet it can be worked into a busy schedule or adapted for the whole family. It has proven to be successful in aiding weight loss, most significantly when combined with exercise. Protein plays an essential role to the human body; through helping to maintain the health of cells, muscles and bones it helps to keep the body functioning properly and healthily. Protein intake should be higher for a man than a woman and should be particularly high for anyone who does regular exercise or muscle building. Protein is essential for repairing and building muscle. Carbohydrates are also an essential food group that the body requires. However for the period of the meat diet, carbohydrate intake will be dramatically reduced.

What to avoid whilst on the meat diets

As previously mentioned the meat diets are also known as the protein diet so as you may expect the consumption of foods from other food groups should be avoided throughout the diet. It is for this reason that this diet shouldn’t be thought of as a long-term diet as the other food groups provide the body with essential nutrients that cannot be obtained thorough protein alone. It would not necessary be beneficial to ones health to eat nothing but protein for longer than a period of approximately 10 days. The first thing that should be cut out of the diet is carbohydrate. This includes products such as bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. Also to be avoided are fatty foods, sugary items, dairy products and alcohol. Fizzy and sugary drinks should also be avoided.

What you should eat on the meat diets

Of course meat is the obvious answer to this question but the additional food group that is free from restriction is vegetables. Vegetables should be eaten regularly whether on this diet or not. It is preferable to eat a wide range of vegetables rather than a select few that are eaten repeatedly. The type of meat and the way in which you prepare and cook it is largely up to how each individual prefers it. Options of meat include chicken, beef, pork, turkey and rabbit. Try to avoid frying the meat, but if you have to then only cook with olive oil. Other foods that are allowed whilst on the meat diet include fish and eggs. In order to get the best effects from this diet it is best to combine it with some regular exercise, which will encourage weight loss and improve your general feeling of wellness.

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