Man boobs

November 12, 2012

Man boobs

Man boobs, or gynecomastia, are becoming increasingly common – it is estimated that up to 10% of the male population suffers from this embarrassing condition at some stage during their lifetime.

Many people speculate about the possible causes of man boobs – suggesting increased levels of hormones in the food we eat and the water we consume. Men are, naturally, reticent about discussing this condition.

Gynecomastia in men is caused by an increased production of female hormone oestrogen that actually outstrips testosterone production. More and more men are turning to surgery in order to have their male boobs corrected.

Causes of man boobs

Whilst there is much speculation concerning the role of hormones in food and its effect on the development of

man boobs

, it is unlikely that this is the true cause.

  • Hormones are no longer added to chicken – the increased size of today¬ís chickens is the result of selective breeding methods.

  • The hormones used in pork breeding are protein based and contain no oestrogen, they have also undergone rigorous testing

  • Oestrogen use in beef cattle has been banned in Europe since 1989 however, evidence suggests that meats containing this type of growth hormone are safe for human consumption – Australian beef still contains oestrogen but not enough to be harmful or to cause the development of

    man boobs


Endocrinologists are agreed that it is unlikely that exposure to oestrogen in food is the cause of gynecomastia – simply because the amounts involved are so small and insignificant. Oestrogen is also found in many non-meat products.

The consensus is, in fact, that for most of the increasing number of men suffering with this condition there is a direct link to obesity, – and men who are overweight are far more likely to develop man boobs.

Exercise and diet

As with many conditions, eating a healthy, well balanced diet and taking regular amounts of moderate exercise will greatly reduce the risk of developing unsightly

man boobs

. For those men who already have the condition there are a number of steps that can be carried out in order to improve appearance and muscle tone.

  • Avoid certain medications

  • Avoid excessive alcohol use
  • Eat sensibly in order to lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid tobacco and marijuana use – marijuana is known to promote overeating and storage of fat
  • Avoid the use of illegal drugs such as amphetamines
  • During exercise, lift weights regular in order to work and develop chest muscles. Well developed muscles will reduce the amount of stored fat on and around the chest area
  • Use push-ups, bench presses and other thoracic exercises to tone pectoral muscles and get rid of fatty tissue
  • Run or jog regularly in order to increase calorie output
  • Eat healthy foods with healthy, soluble fats in moderation. These fats can be easily broken down by the digestive system and are found in olive oil, avocados and black beans among other things
  • Avoid unhealthy fats and excessively fatty foods
  • Monitor your weight – pay attention to and deal with any weight gain promptly in order to minimise the risk of developing excess fat in across the chest.


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