Low calorie foods – the key to weight loss

November 12, 2012

Low calorie foods – the key to weight loss

Losing weight is very simple – eat less and do more, this is the most basic principles of successful weight loss. However, for many of us, cutting calories often leaves us feeling hungry, leading to temptation and difficulty keeping to our dietary plan. One way to avoid this difficulty is to choose low calorie foods that are also filling and satisfying – theses foods also tend to be nutrient rich and can be eaten without making a dieter feel guilty.

There are a number of low calorie foods that can be incorporated into any weight loss plan and which will leave the dieter feeling both healthy and satisfied.

Cheese with fruit or vegetables

Choosing a low fat cheese, containing protein, and serving it with fresh fruit or vegetables, containing fibres that are slow to digest, will create a more of a feeling of fullness than consuming the fruit and vegetables alone. Low calorie foods do not have to be boring or restrictive; with a little effort, it is easy to create enjoyable and satisfying meals.

Meat with whole grain bread

A sandwich is a popular, and convenient, lunchtime choice. Choosing lean protein and whole grain bread makes a nutrient rich sandwich will help avoid the classic afternoon dip in energy – adding salad leaves and some fruit makes a healthy and satisfying lunchtime meal. Using a low fat spread will ensure that this lunch choice is a low calorie food option.

Choose whole-wheat pasta

Choosing whole-wheat pasta in place of regular white pasta will provide more fibre and fewer calories in every serving – making it a great low calorie food to use at any time, not just during weight loss programs.

Pulses and legumes

Pulses and legumes should not be considered solely as vegetarian foods – they provide lean, healthy protein and are extremely versatile low calorie foods. Pulses and legumes have a high dietary fibre content that digests slowly – creating a long lasting feeling of fullness; they are easy to add to many dishes and are extremely economical!


Fish should be an essential part of any diet – fish is an excellent source of lean, filling protein with far fewer calories than most red meats – even those fish termed as ‘oily’, such as salmon, trout and mackerel for example, are healthy choices since they are excellent sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Dairy products

Choosing low fat options for your dairy products is easy to do – there are many, many choices available. Low fat yogurt with oat bran and berries makes a great healthy breakfast and using low fat/low calorie spreads saves reduces calorie content of sandwiches and baked goods with barely any change to taste.


There is a plethora of low calorie, or calorie free beverages that are enjoyable to drink and may even have a number of health benefits. Drinking plenty of water, for example, is known to be beneficial to the digestive system. Tea is an excellent source of health boosting antioxidants and makes an excellent choice at any time of day.

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