Lose weight with a fat fast

November 12, 2012

Lose weight with a fat fast

This method of dieting may sound unbelievable to some people but it has been scientifically proven to effectively burn stored body fat using a diet consisting of 90% fat. There are many people, who despite how hard they try and despite what diet they are on simply cannot shift their weight. These individuals have an incredibly resistant metabolism, which only reacts to the most intense of dietary restrictions. The Atkins diet is usually successful in aiding the loss of weight in most individuals as long as medication and thyroid problems are under control. However there are people who require even more extreme actions and for these people the fat fast is recommended. British researchers Alan Kekwick and Gaston Pawan developed an eating regime, known as the Kekwick diet. The regime requires the dieter to eat only 1000 calories a day but of which 90% should be fat. It was later confirmed by a separate group of researchers to be a more effective way than even an absolute fast of burning fat with no other currently known weight-loss diet coming close to matching its ability to burn stored body fat. Dr. Atkins took the principles of the regime and went on to make some modifications in order to make the diet more enjoyable. Patients who had been continually unsuccessful in losing weight in any other drug free way were used to test the diet and found that in most occasions it worked. The diet became known as the fat fast.

The kekwick diet works by forcing the body into a state of lipolysis, which occurs when there is a lack of glucose in the body causing the stored fat to be used and burnt. If there is a high enough amount of glucose in the body, then lipolysis cannot occur. Most carbohydrates and protein use glucose as there way of converting to energy so by eliminating these other food groups, leaving only fat in the diet forces the body into lipolysis. By consuming only 1000 calories a day, speeds up the process, as the body has to resort to converting stored fat to energy more urgently.

This fat fast does require careful calorie counting as its important not to eat more than 1000 calories a day and to make sure that 75-90% come from fat. Many people find that eating smaller meals frequently helps to stop them from getting hungry. Instead of 3 meals a day, try eating 5 times a day, approximately 4 hours apart. Each meal should consist of 200 calories. Eating throughout a day and thanks to the high fat content you should not experience too much hunger. It may be strange eating at unusual times in the beginning but if you can stick with it for a few days you should get used to it.

People whose metabolism is not extremely resilient should not try to do the fat fast, as it is not thought to se safe. People who are able to lose weight using other methods will lose weight to rapidly to be considered safe. For anyone who has struggled to lose weight using other methods, the fat fast carries very few health risks.

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