Look out for these earliest signs of pregnancy

November 12, 2012

Look out for these earliest signs of pregnancy

Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy can reveal themselves physically, emotionally and in some cases even in dreams. Some women claim to know that they are pregnant from the moment of conception, where as others can go for weeks and months not recognising some major physical signs. This is most often the case in women who were not planning or expecting to get pregnant, so the possibility doesn’t occur to them. Around 50% of pregnancies are unplanned and for some of these women it can take up to two or more months before they realise they have conceived. The earlier you find out that you are pregnant the better, in terms of making changes to some of your daily routine and behaviours to take into account the health of the baby. The first trimester of pregnancy is the most important period for the healthy development of the baby. It is during these first three months when major organs and the brain of the baby are forming so the behaviour of the mother is very important during this period of pregnancy. For example a mother who has noticed the earliest signs of pregnancy can quit smoking and drinking alcohol, which if an unaware mother does not do can potentially have negative effects on the development of the baby. A healthy eating and exercise regime should also be implemented as early on in the pregnancy as possible. Recognition of the earliest signs can also give time for both the mother and father to address their feelings towards the pregnancy. If for whatever reason the mother decides to terminate the pregnancy then it is safer for the woman to so earlier rather than later. Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy are extremely subtle and it is easily understandable why they often go unnoticed in the beginning. Women should take care to listen to a pay attention to their bodies, looking out for any small changes. If you notice any of these earliest signs of pregnancy, take an early pregnancy test or contact your doctor or nurse.

Tiredness is one of the first signs that you may be pregnant. A pregnant woman’s body is working and changing constantly. This requires massive energy consumption and many women report a feeling of over whelming tiredness. This is especially true when pregnant for the second (or more) time.

Changes to the breasts are another one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and is often more indicative symptom of pregnancy than tiredness. It is also a less subtle symptom as women normally notice changes in the appearance or soreness in the breast quite quickly. The pain experienced is similar to that during the menstrual cycle including soreness and bloating. The breasts will start to become bigger with more visible veins almost as soon as the woman conceives as the breasts start to prepare for breastfeeding. Additionally the areolas often become darker with small bumps.

Nausea or morning sickness is not limited to only the mornings. It can in fact occur any time of the day or night and begins soon after conception and in some women continues throughout pregnancy. Try to keep blood sugar levels up as it when they are low that pregnant women are most likely to experience nausea. Whether you just feel queasy or actually vomit varies from woman to woman but neither is nice. Ginger tea is recommended for relieving nausea.

Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy that women experience are purely emotional. There are women who claim to just know or simply have a feeling that they are pregnant. Others dream about being pregnant before actually taking a test which scientist say is medically possible due to super charged dreams that occur during pregnancy. Many of the earliest signs of pregnancy listed above can also be symptoms of other conditions so it is important to see a doctor for a medical diagnosis if you are experiencing any of them.


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