Left Handers and their Secret Lives

November 12, 2012

Left Handers and their Secret Lives

Left handed people account for one person in every ten in the population. They don’t look any different to you or me, but when it comes to carrying out everyday tasks like using a tin opener you may see something more awkward about them. They are just not natural and their movements don’t flow, they have to think a bit more than the rest of us when we carry out the operation. And that’s the crux of the matter, we right handers do it naturally because the tool or implement we are using is designed to be used in the right hand.

The reasons for some people to develop this way are still not fully discovered. However there is a suggestion that genes may be involved because if you are left handed there is a higher likelihood that you will have other family members who are left handed too. Yet no gene variations relating to ‘left handedness’ have been discovered so scientists now suspect some form of environmental input too.

Some research into brain structure appears to show differences between right and left handed people but that research is in early days. It may be this that forms some personality types which are prevalent in left handed people.

Left Handers and Life and Health

Time for facts, it’s known that 10% of people are left handed. Yet roughly 20% of those people suffer from schizophrenia. Scientists do not think that this is chance. They believe that there must be a reason for it because they have found an increased incidence of dyslexia, ADHD and other mood related conditions in left handed people too. This is according to an article published in the renowned Wall Street Journal.

Researchers admit to not fully understanding the situation but are very interested in the connectivity between the two sides of the brain. The majority of all people left handed and right handed use the left lobe of the brain for language. Yet scientists have found that about one in three left handed people either only partly use their left hemisphere or do not have any dominant side to their brain when dealing with language and other functions.


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