Learn about tetanus shot side effects

November 12, 2012

Learn about tetanus shot side effects

Before you put any type of drug or medication into your body, you should always take the time to learn about any potential side effects that could occur through doing so. Even in the case of drugs and vaccines that come highly recommended such as the tetanus shot, you should know what to expect from your body as it reacts to the drug entering its system. Everyone reacts differently to vaccines and the tetanus shot is no different. The tetanus shot side effects can vary quite drastically from person to person, with some people suffering severely while others experience nothing worth mentioning. Some of the more severe tetanus shot side effects includes seizures, damage to the brain and even a coma. These effects are extremely rare, which makes it difficult to say for sure that the tetanus shot alone was to blame for the occurrence of these conditions. Many people complain of a dull, achy pain in the location that the shot was given. This is very common and poses no serious threat. Normally the pain is down to an achy muscle where the needle entered and only last for a day or two. Numbness in the general area of the injection is another of the common tetanus shot side effects, which usually comes on a minute or two after the shot was administered. In some cases this sensation can spread to the arms, shoulders and neck.

Other common side effects include headaches and fatigue. These should be short-term symptoms, but if they persist, inform your doctor or health care provider. Vomiting can also occur and is another symptom that should wear off on its own without lasting too long. A fever is also a known side effect, with flu like symptoms. Alternatively some people suffer from mild chills. A less common but still one of the potential tetanus shot side effects is diarrhoea. If this does occur, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluid and again if this side effect lasts longer than a couple of days, contact your doctor.

Some people may experience allergic reactions from the tetanus shot. Symptoms of an allergy include skin rashes, swelling, itchiness and dizziness. If you notice these tetanus shot side effects get them attended to straight away as you may require anti-allergy medicine. A stomach ache is another common reaction to the vaccination; this is not linked to an allergic reaction however and should disappear within a day or two.

A side effect, which effects children rather adults is a loss of appetite as the vaccine given to children also contains the diphtheria vaccine. A high fever is more common in children that adults but the other potential side effects are the same.

A very rarely seen side effect of the tetanus shot is difficulty in breathing or swallowing. Also swelling if the eyes and face have been seen in very rare cases. Finally, one more of the rare tetanus shot side effects is swelling of the sweat glands in the armpits. These side effects all have the potential to be serious so medical attention should be sought immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

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