Knee Problems and how to avoid them

November 12, 2012

Knee Problems and how to avoid them

Are you put off doing exercise because you don’t want to suffer from pain in the knees and joints or you already have knee problems?

Experiencing knee pain during a workout is very common and more so as we age. If you are suffering from knee pain when taking part in exercise make an appointment with your doctor to make sure you will not cause more damage and that it is safe for you to continue with exercise.

There are many instances where a small knee injury results in discomfort, and unfortunately little can be done to eliminate knee pain that is due to arthritis, meniscus or ligament damage. The only way to reduce this pain is to avoid taking part in the activities that are causing the problem.

For many people who suffer from knee problems and knee pain during a cardiovascular workout it tends to put them off continuing with exercise. And this can lead to them taking part in less and less workouts as a result of the pain they are experiencing. But this doesn’t have to be the case. It is important to understand what particular movements are the cause of the pain. Once you know the movements that are causing the knee problems steps can then be taken to avoid them.

If you have knee problems it is best to avoid high impact movements such as jumping or hopping. Exercise that includes skiing, water sports, high knees and jumping jacks should be avoided at all times as these exercises will cause heavy and sudden impact on the knees.

Another exercise to avoid is a stair climber as they are a cause of knee pain occurring. And if you are using a stair climber at home or use one at the gym this will make your knee problems worse.

Another exercise to avoid in preventing knee problems developing is jogging or running. The knees are placed under a lot of impact and although it may not appear to be hard in each individual step over a period of minutes and longer the knee joint will be affected. This will cause severe pain to the knee joint and the knee so it is best to avoid using a treadmill or running outside.

One of the easiest and popular solutions to eliminating knee problems is to lose some weight. There are many people who suffer from problems with their knees and the associated pain although they have never had any injury to their knees. The reasons for the knee pain can be as a result of carrying excess weight. If you have been carrying around extra weight over a number of years the knees will begin to suffer and wear and tear will affect the condition of the knees. So one of the first things to try if you are overweight and suffer from pain in your knees is to try and lose weight and this in turn will reduce any pain you are experiencing.

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