Is Blood Pressure Related to Coffee?

November 12, 2012

Is Blood Pressure Related to Coffee?

Caffeine might be absolutely vital for you to wake up properly every morning, but did you know that blood pressure is actually related to caffeine?

That’s right. Blood pressure can actually rise because of caffeine, so it might not be 100% safe for those who have hypertension. Here are other ways in which caffeine might affect the pressure of your blood overall.

How Caffeine Can Raise the Pressure Levels of Your Blood

Some people may experience a significant spike in their blood pressure levels if they consume too much coffee. However, this will depend on what their levels were to begin with. People who have regular blood pressure levels, for example, might only experience temporary increases. In general, the increase is usually higher for people who have hypertension.

So, can caffeine actually raise these leaves more if you drink a lot of it on a regular basis? Well, even though research shows that caffeine tolerance really does play a big part on how your pressure levels are affected by an individual person’s consumption, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Some studies actually show that people who drink coffee for weeks on end experience smaller level increases compared to people who don’t drink coffee on a regular basis.

The Overall Safety of Caffeine Consumption

What you have to remember is that caffeine consumption might raise the pressure levels of your blood, but it doesn’t actually cause hypertension. So, if your blood pressure levels are currently normal, then you don’t really have to cut down on your caffeine consumption in any way. However, if you have hypertension and are worried about the way that caffeine might affect your pressure levels, you should try and limit your consumption to 200mg per day. Some doctors might even recommend eliminating all types of caffeine from your system altogether. The good news is, though, that there are a lot of great decaffeinated products in today’s market that you can use as alternatives for your decreased caffeine consumption.

When to Avoid Caffeine

In general, there are times when people are advised to steer clear of caffeine altogether in order to control their blood pressure levels. This would be especially important to do before exercising, lifting weights or doing any other hard physical activities. This is because these activities will already elevate the pressure levels of your blood naturally. Women are also advised to avoid caffeine when they are pregnant to reduce their risk for hypertension.

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