Iodine Deficiency and what it means to you and me

November 12, 2012

Iodine Deficiency and what it means to you and me

There are millions of people who suffer from thyroid disorders and for many of these people they are also deficient in iodine. To use any natural treatments for a thyroid disorder it is important to have the iodine deficiency corrected in order to get your health back to normal.

Iodine is very important in forming thyroid hormones and an iodine deficiency may lead to a thyroid hormone deficiency and many people make the assumption that if someone has hyperthyroidism they cannot be deficient in their levels of iodine. This is not the case, and to correct any deficiency the iodine deficiency has to be detected in the first instance and then corrected.

Some of the reasons why so many people appear to suffer from a deficiency in their iodine levels are as a result of farming techniques whereby the soil is extremely low in iodine and this means any foods that we eat will be deficient of iodine. Another reason is the fact that years ago iodine was included in the dough of bread but iodine was then replaced with bromine and these two minerals compete. And as a result of this people who eat large amounts of bread may be more than likely to be deficient in iodine.

We are all aware of the health risks associated with using too much salt and this is another cause of people suffering from iodine deficiency. There are some people who only get their iodine from salt in their diet. Iodized salt can be taken but this on its own is not enough in stopping an iodine deficiency. But it is better than not taking any iodine at all.

The least reliable testing method is using an iodine patch and a 2% iodine tincture. If there are sufficient amounts of iodine present the patch does not fade until after a 24 hour period. If the patch starts to bade between 19 hours and 24 hours this indicates a mild iodine deficiency and if the patch fades between 13 and 18 hours this would indicate a moderate deficiency in iodine levels. If the patch starts to fade in 12 hours or less this would indicate a severe deficiency in the iodine levels.

An accurate test to measure for iodine deficiency is an iodine loading test. This requires a 50mg tablet of iodide/iodine and then measuring how much iodine is excreted through urine over a 24 hour period of time. Should 90% of the iodide/iodine that had been ingested excrete this indicates the person has sufficient amounts of iodine. If it shows as less than 90% it would indicate an iodine deficiency.

When an iodine deficiency has been detected, the way to correct this is by taking iodine supplement on a daily basis. Before taking any supplement make an appointment with your doctor to get advice on whether this would be suitable for you.

People who suffer with Hashimoto’s disease should not take iodine. And if iodine is taken when the immune system is not functioning as it should the symptoms may get worse. Once the immune system has been corrected the process of raising the iodine levels can begin if the results show the development of an iodine deficiency.

There are many in the medical profession who think that people who suffer from hyperthyroidism and this includes people suffering from Graves’ Disease have excess levels of iodine. And the reasons why people think this is because iodine is required in producing the thyroid hormone. Because of this they assume that if someone has an excess level in their thyroid hormone then they also have excessive levels of iodine.

There are many people who suffer with varying forms of thyroid disorders who do have a deficiency in their iodine levels. For the people who want to take part in a natural treatment for their thyroid disorders any deficiency in iodine levels would have to be corrected.

It is very important to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or before stopping any prescribed medication.

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