Inner thigh exercises can work for you

November 12, 2012

Inner thigh exercises can work for you

For many women who exercise, inner thigh exercises are not really thought about too much. But many women say the condition of their inner thigh area is of concern.

Cardiovascular exercising is seen by many women as the only exercise required in maintaining a fit and healthy body. So strengthening exercises is all they carry out. If, you are like most women, juggling children, partner, work and all the many other tasks to fit in a day, you may feel that you just don’t have the time to carry out these exercises. Or it may be you think you have to make a room in your home into a gym and buy lots of expensive equipment. These inner thigh exercises can be carried out at home or wherever you can manage to catch a bit of time to yourself.

To carry out inner thigh exercises lie down on the floor on your side and then lift your leg straight upwards. This uncomfortable and awkward exercise will totally tone your inner thighs. If you are able, do three sets of thirty of this exercise on each leg and keep your leg straight.

Pile squats are another great exercise for the inner thighs. A pile squat is the same as a regular squat but the difference is keep your legs turned outwards. By doing the three sets of thirty in the morning you will certainly feel it. But you will also reap the benefits of carrying these exercises.

To do this next exercise lay down on the floor and place an exercise ball between your thighs. Squeeze the exercise ball to keep it in place and lift your legs up from the floor. Carry out this exercise as often as you can.

There is an exercise called donkey kicks and this tones all of the legs. But also targets the inner thigh area which is what you are aiming to do. Place yourself on all fours. Lift one of your legs upwards but don’t place it back on the floor right away after you have kicked. Hold it for as long as you can and then change legs and repeat the exercise. Try and do as many kicks as you can. You can also put your leg into a straight position and then bend it. By doing this, you are targeting different muscles.

If you can carry out these quick exercises three times in a week you will start to see the results.

Try not to concentrate on inner thigh exercises alone. It is best to exercise the whole body and to lose any excess body fat, take part in cardiovascular exercises. Once the excess body fat is no longer present then you can do more exercises to tone the thigh areas.

Inner thigh exercises tend to be neglected by women because they are always on the move, out and about and multi-tasking. Something usually has to give and it is normally the workout as you want to get in to the exercise class and get it over as quickly as possible. Try and take the time to enjoy your workout and you will see and feel the benefits.

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