Indigestion Symptoms

November 12, 2012

Indigestion Symptoms

Suffering from the symptoms of indigestion is not just associated with older people although as we get older we do tend to suffer more from indigestion than when we were a bit younger.

If you experience a warm sensation in the area of the chest after you have eaten listen to your body. Make an appointment with your doctor and don’t just go out and buy over the counter antacids.

Keep a record of what food you eat and try to identify the food that appears to be the cause of your discomfort. There are particular well known foods that doctors know cause indigestion symptoms.

Tomatoes and cucumbers if eaten with their skins on are irritants and can cause indigestion. Orange juice along with other citrus fruit juices and other fruit can also be irritants in some people and can be the major cause of their indigestion. If you are drinking fruit juice try to change to diluting juice as this doesn’t appear to cause as much irritation.

If we talk about suffering from indigestion many people always say onions are one of the causes of their discomfort. If you are prone to suffering from indigestion symptoms it is probably best to avoid onions in your diet. Other foods to avoid in an attempt to relieve symptoms of indigestion are leeks, garlic and shallots as these may disrupt your digestive system.

Indian food and Mexican foods that contain many exciting flavours and exotic spices are not recommended in your diet if you are susceptible to suffering with indigestion symptoms. It may be that these foods could be the root cause of your stomach problems.

You may enjoy having your break and drinking cups of coffee. Unfortunately this is not recommended if you suffer from indigestion. Too much coffee can lead to the symptoms of acid reflux and not just indigestion. So it is best to avoid coffee. Why not substitute the coffee with large drinks of water.

When we were younger we could cope with the late nights and the early mornings. This is no longer the case because as our body is getting older it is not able to cope with the over eating and over indulging of alcohol. So it’s now time to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The stomach walls have to deal with a huge amount of strong acid on a regular basis. And if there has been a case of over indulgence the stomach will send messages and signals to your mouth, throat and chest.

We cannot escape the intrusive nature of the media and advertisements. They promise all types of medication that can be used to relieve the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. And they can all be purchased over the counter at the pharmacy. The products may relieve the symptoms for a short time but if you are experiencing indigestion symptoms on a daily basis it is best to contact your doctor for a check up.

Suffering from stomach ulcers, hiatus hernia or acid reflux symptoms can be managed with medication and change of diet. But it is very important to speak to your doctor if you are experiencing what you may think are indigestion symptoms in order to rule out any other diagnosis.


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