Immunization Schedule

November 12, 2012

Immunization Schedule

An immunization schedule is also known as a vaccination schedule and covers the period of childhood, starting at birth. It covers this period because the purpose of the schedule is to let the parents or guardians know what vaccines are required at certain periods over the life of the child. The immunization schedule is used to communicate the type of the vaccine that should be given to people.

The guidelines for an immunization schedule are introduced by the government health authorities in an effort to reduce the amount of children who may become infected with particular diseases. The schedules can change depending on where you live and also changes could be introduced as risks to health vary.

Vaccinations are used as a preventative measure and work by injecting a part of a bacteria or virus that can cause harm into the body system. By doing this it normally leads to the prevention of the patient becoming infected with an active strain of the harmful bacteria or virus later on in their life. Reports show that vaccinations of bacteria or viruses leads to a decrease in particular illnesses or diseases.

Vaccinations are an effective and successful method of prevention and the government health authorities will produce specific immunization schedules for particular areas to address the particular needs of that area. And you will find that there is no two immunization schedules are exactly the same. The schedules may vary from country to country and region to region as the protection and risk will be different in each area so vaccination may not be required in all areas.

If there is a change to any of the health risks it may be that the immunization schedule for that particular area will be altered to fit in with any changes that may occur. It may be that particular diseases have been completely eradicated and there is no need for a vaccination. But on the other hand when new viruses and diseases appear vaccinations to treat these will be required and added to the immunization schedule.

Many parents are given a schedule of immunization when it is near the time when the child is going to be born. But if you do not receive a copy of the guidelines, consult with your doctor or health clinic or go online to check.

The immunization schedules can be accessed in many forms, it may be a poster or a booklet. The booklet form may have space available so the dates of the vaccines can be marked and you have a record of the dates for future reference.

Whatever the form of immunization schedule, they are designed to make it easy to see at a glance the vaccines that are required and at what age they will be given. In the US the immunization schedule normally comes in a chart format with a column showing the age group and what vaccination they should be getting as recommended by the CDC.

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