I’m over 40 – can I still get pregnant?

November 12, 2012

I’m over 40 - can I still get pregnant?

Once you reach the age of 40, all you hear are stories of how difficult it can be to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy and smooth childbirth. This leads to more and more women asking the question, can I still get pregnant? Everyone is offering warnings and suspicions but the truth is these stories shouldn’t be taken to heart and it is important to stay positive.

Older woman – greater risk?

Much of the information out there seems to be more intended to scare hopeful future mothers rather than educate them and offer advice. Some say that the chances of developing diabetes or pre-eclampsia increase whilst others say that a caesarean will be definitely be needed. It goes further suggesting that any woman who manages to get pregnant faces the risk of developmental problems and birth defects. Older women often have to have much more tests and can often be overwhelmed and confused with the information and in some cases the lack of accurate information they are provided with. The theory that women in their 40’s are more likely to develop complications all seem to be some what debatable. There are also allegations that older women are more susceptible to weight gain but there is certainly no lack of over weight 20 something’s around. The fact is that common sense and lifestyle choices have as much to with potential risks as age does.

Reasons to get pregnant at later stage

There are loads of reasons that the modern woman may chose to get pregnant at a later stage in their lives than they used to. It may be that it took longer to meet the man they want to have children with, to do with career opportunities or it may simply be that the urge to have children didn’t occur until they were a little older. These and many other reasons mean that it is now by no means uncommon for women to get pregnant in the forties. Thanks to the advancement in technology and medicines it is now safer than ever to do so. Tips for getting pregnant are the same despite your age and include getting plenty of exercise, eating a healthy diet and to receive the appropriate prenatal care. So any women who are wondering, can I still get pregnant? Just make sure to do these things.

Get rid of stress

Women who are finding it longer than normal to get pregnant may wish to undergo infertility treatment with an ironic statistic being that many women actually find that they get pregnant naturally in between treatments. Stress and anxiety is thought to be one of the main reasons for difficulty conceiving as it can have harmful effects on your body. If you have any worries or concerns, speak to your partner, a close friend or health care provider who may be able to relive some of your worries. The main thing is to get your body and mind into a healthy state. Eat well, exercise regularly, don’t listen to horror stories and most importantly stay positive. If the question ever pops into your head, “Can I still get pregnant?” Take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Yes – I can.”

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