November 12, 2012


If you have just received a diagnosis that you have hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid you are probably aware that changes will have to be made to your diet. To help your body restore and repair itself the right diet for someone who has an underactive thyroid is essential. If you use the natural remedies for treating an underactive thyroid and make the necessary changes to your diet, you may be able to speed up the process effectively and safely.

By changing to a hypothyroidism diet you are not going to be left to eat food that has no taste or flavour. You do have to be aware of what foods should not be included in your diet if you suffer from an under active thyroid.

Broccoli contains vitamins A, D and K which is excellent but not if you suffer from hypothyroidism. The properties that are contained in broccoli work against the thyroid and if the broccoli were to be eaten uncooked the hormone production would be slowed down.

There are many people who would be delighted to be told that they should never eat brussel sprouts again. But they should be avoided if you have an underactive thyroid as the thyroid production becomes blocked so this vegetable should be kept out of your diet.

There are many who confuse mustard green with collard greens and this combination should be avoided. The mustard greens can stop iodine entering into the bloodstream and this will cause more aggravation to the thyroid condition.

Cabbage should be avoided on the hypothyroidism diet as it can lead to the development of goiter and if you have an existing goiter can cause inflammation. So it is best to leave out the cabbage.

Cooked or raw spinach should not be eaten as this food lowers the production of the thyroid hormone.

Sweet potatoes have to be avoided as the sweet potato can cause an imbalance to the thyroid. And this means any medication you are taking has to work twice as hard in order to stabilize the hormone levels.

Cauliflower should not be included in your diet as this causes the thyroid to become suppressed. So itÂ’s best to leave this out of your diet to ensure healthy operation of the thyroid.

Raw soy beans should not be taken if you have an underactive thyroid as they cause disruption to the thyroid producing hormones.

Peaches should not be included in your diet. They contain substances that can cause the function of the thyroid to reduce the production of hormones.

There are compounds that are found in peanuts that may lead to goiters developing. Peanuts should be avoided in your diet as they reduce the output of the thyroid hormone.

As you can see there is a varied mix of fruit and vegetable as well as legumes that should be avoided if you have an underactive thyroid. But you will soon be substituting these foods for the large amount of fruit and vegetable that can be eaten on your diet to help your hypothyroidism.

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