Hypertension – how to deal with it?

November 12, 2012

Hypertension - how to deal with it?

The American Heart Association (AHA) reports that over 65 million Americans, 20 years of age and over suffer from high blood pressure every year, and these figures are reflected in most western countries. High blood pressure is a major health problem in most of the industrialized countries in the world. Fixing it will also help reduce your chances of suffering from many other kinds of diseases because your overall health will improve.

Most people go down the traditional route of visiting the doctor and taking drugs which are known to lower blood pressure. However some people have taken a different direction, Linda M Parker, has written a controversial study on dealing with high blood pressure, after experiencing her father suffering two strokes and a heart attack. Heart disease ran in her family and she felt that there must be a better way of dealing with it and other issues arising from it. Ms Parker detailed all of her research and methods in her report. In the report she not only comments on solutions to high blood pressure, she attacks it from an important level that covers the whole body which in turn improves general health.

Some of the observations from the report in helping you to reduce your blood pressure are: Ensure your groceries are high in nutrients, carbohydrates (healthy ones), protein and reduced fat. She also states that herbs and spices help to heal arteries and also help to digest your food and the blood walls strengthen and she comments on the ‘Nasty side effect myths of alpha and beta blockers to control or force normal blood pressure. These secrets alone would incur the wrath of big pharmaceutical companies as it would reveal the truth about the profit-making corporations (often profiting at your health expense)’.

Ms Parker also discusses the connection between salt, sodium and organic salt in detail and more length. She tells about the organic chocolate you can eat which lowers your blood pressure and lists exercises which you can do to ensure your blood pressure becomes normal and which doesn’t involve attending the gym or exercising at home. She gives details on changing your style of living and advises on what to eat to reduce blood pressure. She advocates the natural way to lower blood pressure by having more sun and sleep, rather than using exercise machines which can assist in lowering blood pressure.

What you should expect if you see a natural herbalist rather than a traditional western doctor and also the benefits of potassium along with the correct combination of herbs and spices which strengthens arteries and causes blood flow circulation to improve immediately.

The advice from this report may not be for all of us but some of the information could be useful to you.

Most of us who have high blood pressure want to learn as much as possible about how to lower the blood pressure, and if possible by natural means rather than having to take medication for a length of time or for the rest of our lives.

It is essential to reduce your blood pressure as it can lead to more serious issues concerning our health which includes kidney failure, heart attack and stroke. So by reducing your blood pressure you are protecting yourself from health problems which may occur in the future.

And just as a footnote, Ms Parker’s father is now 71 years old and is fit and healthy. He exercises in the pool everyday and has a healthy memory.

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