How to Spot the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

November 12, 2012

How to Spot the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Many cancers at the earlier stages show symptoms that may be vague and non specific, or there may not be any symptoms. The position with ovarian cancer symptoms is no different. Generally they do not appear until the condition is at an advanced stage and even then they can be symptoms which are regularly seen for other conditions too.

For example ovarian cancer symptoms can be similar to those seen with bladder or digestive issues. However as the condition develops then the ovarian cancer symptoms would expect to worsen too, causing more discomfort or becoming more painful or persistent.

General signs and ovarian cancer symptoms can include a feeling of discomfort which may turn to pain in the pelvic region, bowel habits may change and persistent abdominal pressure causing a feeling of swelling or being full and bloated and a low back pain may also be felt. Other symptoms that may appear include a feeling of indigestion, wind or sickness which will not go away, there may be a feeling and a need to urinate much more frequently and a feeling of lethargy and fatigue. Another of the more common ovarian cancer symptoms is when although there is a lack of appetite clothes feel tighter around the waist, this is caused by the bloating.

If any of the symptoms described are present then a visit to the doctor should be arranged. Some women have a higher risk of certain types of cancer due to genetic reasons or family history, a discussion with your doctor on the best way forward may help.

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