How to Speed Up Metabolism

November 12, 2012

How to Speed Up Metabolism

Metabolism is a catch-all term for how the body burns calories from food. Why would you want to speed up metabolism? When the body’s metabolism runs faster, it can burn calories quicker and soon needs to draw on any fat stores in order to keep the body going. Children have a faster metabolism than adults. Most people’s metabolism slows down when they reach their 40s. They can no longer eat anything they want and keep a healthy body weight. People needing to lose weight can benefit by doing lifestyle and diet changes to speed up metabolism. This can make the dieting process less frustrating. When dieters see that they can lose weight, this encourages them to stick to their current diet and exercise program. Eventually, habits to speed up metabolism become reinforced. Avoid Fad Diets The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend dieters lose only one or two pounds per week. Although this does not seem like much, gradually losing weight helps dieters from regaining the weight that they do lose. Avoid fad diets that boast of miraculous weight loss or promise to permanently speed up metabolism in a very short space of time. Eat Small Meals Several Times a Day The body needs about 10% of all calories consumed in a meal or snack just for digestion. This percentage is the same no matter how small your meal or snack is. Large meals slow the body’s metabolism down, making the unused calories go right into fat deposits. By switching the usual three square meals a day to six or seven small meals or snacks throughout the day, the body burns more calories. Drink Green Tea Green tea – hot or iced – contains many nutritional benefits including antioxidants and chemicals to help speed up metabolism. It contains much less caffeine than coffee, fizzy drinks or black tea. If you are not used to the taste of green tea, substitute just one of your normal beverages for a glass of iced green tea or a cup of hot green tea. Try adding lemon juice or honey to the tea.

Take a CLA Supplement

Research has suggested that people who take conjugated linoleic acid supplements have a faster metabolism and a better immune system. Always talk to your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement. CLA supplements are derived from animals and so may not be suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Get Really Hot or Really Cold

Don’t keep the house at room temperature. Keeping the home a few degrees cooler helps the body burn fat in order to keep warm. If you aren’t into the cold, then try a sauna. The body’s metabolism rises up to 20% in order to stay cool. If you have never experienced a sauna before, talk to your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to have one.

Eat Spicier Foods

One tasty way to speed up metabolism is by adding spices like chili, curry, cinnamon or cayenne pepper. But do not use spices as a magic bullet. Many spicy foods offered in restaurants or frozen dinners contain lots of calories due to preservatives, sugars and fat. But when cooking at home, adding some spices to lean meats, low-calorie soups and sauces can help you eat better and lose weight. Remember – you still need to exercise and eat less fat and sugar than before.


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