How to remove Freckles

November 12, 2012

How to remove Freckles

Have you been trying to figure out a safe way to remove freckles? Even though many freckles are harmless, people find them unattractive and a hassle.

Freckles can be naturally present or can be caused by irritation to the skin. It is not uncommon for some people to get freckles as a result of sun damage. Individuals looking to remove freckles are often willing to try many skin irritating remedies. The use of natural products is a safe way to lighten dark freckles while possibly completely removing light freckles.

Lightening Methods

There is no better way to remove freckles than by using ingredients provided by the Earth itself. These facial masks are delicate on the skin and can be used on a regular basis until the desired results have been achieved:

  • Fresh lemon and lemon juice- Lemon juice has an acidic property which can help lighten skin. You can either rub the lemon directly onto your skin or you can apply the fresh juice to the skin with a cotton ball.

  • Cucumber- Cut up some of the vegetable and squeeze it hard in order to get out the juice. This can be applied directly to the skin, but works best if mixed with 1tablespoon of honey and lemon.

  • Sour milk- Use the milk to wash your face and make sure to keep it out of your mouth.

  • Onion- Rubbing onion on your face has the same effect as lemon juice except the smell can be much more irritating.

  • Papaya juice- Not only will Papaya juice help remove freckles by making them lighter, but it will also lighten any visible scars. The fruit contains Papain which is an enzyme that can help your skin become soft and smooth. Rub the juice directly onto your face.

  • Vitamin E- This vitamin is available in capsule or oil form and should be rubbed directly onto your freckles. While this method can take some time, it is great for sensitive skin types.

  • Parsley- Take some parsley juice and mix in equal parts with orange juice and lemon juice. Rub into the skin with a cotton ball.

In general, people with unwanted freckles should also consider increasing their Vitamin C intake. There are many fruits available which are rich in the vitamin or supplements can be taken.

Not Working?

Different people have different skin. With this in mind, it is important to remember that some remedies may work better for others. If one recipe does not seem to be having any effect, feel free to try one of the others until you find the one that will best remove freckles. The great thing about everything being natural is that there is no need to worry about unwanted side effects that are common from processed medications. Some things to keep in mind when working these facemasks are:

  • Do not leave the masks on for more than fifteen minutes and be sure to rinse your face after use.

  • Use fresh juice whenever possible

  • People with sensitive skin should avoid lemon juice because the natural acid can be irritating

  • Always use sunscreen to prevent the creation of new freckles and the darkening of current freckles

  • Use the facial recipes every day or every other day for the first two weeks. After two weeks, only use 2-3 times a week.

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