How to remove acne face scars.

November 12, 2012

How to remove acne face scars.

Once the acne blemishes have disappeared there is often a visible reminder left in the appearance of face scars. This scarring can be more pronounced and darker than the pimples it replaces.

There are various types of face scars caused by acne and these range from flat and depressed to fleshy and bumpy. Although having the appearance of a scar the blemish may actually just be discoloration and deep indentations. The treatment offered is dependent on the nature and type of scars that are on the face.

A micro-dermabrasion treatment is a process that is used to take off a thin layer of scarred skin. By carrying this out the scar free skin is removed, and new, healthy skin is grown and stimulated. To achieve the best results several treatments are required.

Fractional laser therapy is a treatment used to resurface the skin by removing the damaged skin. The removal of this skin tissue is carried out in fractions. This treatment is ideal for those patients that have face scars located in a particular area such as forehead or cheeks. Before all the scars are removed completely, several sessions of treatment may be required.

An excision is carried out to remove the fleshy keloid scars and stitches are applied to the wound to close.

Collagen injections are the best treatment to fill in the deep depressions which have formed on the face. These collagen injections restore and repair the missing skin.

Topical lotions such as skin lightening cream can be used to remove red marks and discolorations. These creams can be obtained without a prescription. Active ingredients in these lotions are kojic acid, licorice extract and hydroquinone. These are great skin lighteners and can be used to cause fading in the shallow acne marks.

Pockmark fillers can be bought without prescription at the pharmacy and can be used to remove depressed acne face scars which have appeared as a result of the acne.

Exfoliation can be used to remove damaged skin, e.g. scars caused by acne. Chemical exfoliants like glycolic and salicycle acid and a facial scrub should be used. Using these products on a regular basis causes the exfoliations to fade and removes the smaller face scars.

Make an appointment with a dermatologist to find out the best treatment which is available and suitable for you. When a skin lightener is used avoid exposure to the sun or apply sunscreen each time you are out. If a skin lightener is used the skin becomes more sensitive when exposed to the sun. And do not pick at the scars as this makes the scarring more noticeable.

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