How to Overcome Abortion Syndrome

November 12, 2012

How to Overcome Abortion Syndrome

The symptoms of abortion syndrome might begin right after the abortion or much, much later, and will mostly depend on the individual. Although doctors still argue whether these symptoms are even valid, pro-choice believers will assure that they are very real. Once the first tears have been shed due to the physical pain and emotional loss associated with the act, the decision that you made may haunt you. You might start wondering what the gender of the baby was, for example, or how old they would be if they were alive today. Although the people who find themselves facing emotional problems that won’t disappear after getting an abortion are mostly women, men sometimes get affected by them, too.

The Stage of Denial

Victims of abortion syndrome usually deny having had the abortion in the first place because they feel depressed or guilty for doing it. These feelings in themselves make the documentation of the act in itself very hard. The symptoms of abortion syndrome may range from a mild depression to intense suicidal thoughts. Sometimes, they are linked to various emotional behaviors, as well, including eating disorders, self punishment, and alcohol or drug abuse.

Can You Forgive Yourself?

The symptoms of abortion syndrome will keep coming back to haunt you unless you face the problem head-on – remember that. You decided to get an abortion, so you have to reconcile that decision on your own. Think about it. Whenever you regret doing something to other people, you apologize. However, you can only apologize after you admit your mistake to yourself. Well, this would be the very first step that you have to take if you want to leave your past behind for good, no matter what the case! Once you admit that you regret having an abortion, you have to try and forgive yourself. Now, you might be thinking: how can anybody forgive a murder? Well, there really is only one answer for that: acknowledge God. God loves you. He has loved you every since you were still inside your mother’s womb and He loves you now. You exist because He wanted you to live in His name. His Son died to forgive your sins and He can also heal all of your pain. So, all you have to do to forgive yourself is acknowledge your regret to God and ask Him for forgiveness.

The Stage of Recovery

Without a doubt, it might take a long time for you to recover from abortion syndrome. After all, your thoughts might keep coming back and you might doubt the forgiveness of God at one point or another. However, you should never forget that God always keeps HIs promises. If anything, it would be harder to let go of your own conviction. However, if you know that God forgives everybody when they ask, then you should be able to forgive yourself with time, as well. Although you might still get depressed and feel sad whenever you think about the child that you lost, you can rest easy knowing that you are sure to see them again someday!

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