How to minimize pores

November 12, 2012

How to minimize pores

There are a number of ways that you can help to minimize pores on your face without the need for skin damaging chemicals and over priced products.

Keep clean

Keeping a clean face will significantly help to minimize pores and the best way to do so it to create a regular and thorough face cleansing routine. Be sure to use a soup that is PH balances and aim to wash your face twice day. This will ensure that pores remain unclogged, which in itself should reduce swelling and redness. After cleaning your face try using a toner, focusing on the pores and T-Zone. Don’t over wash your face as this may cause an imbalance in the production of oil that the pores produce which can have a negative effect.

Limit sun exposure

Whilst a small amount of sun each day is a good source of vitamin C, too much can cause enlarged pores. If you are out in the sun for a long period of time, help to minimize pores through wearing substantial amounts of sun cream and remember to top it up throughout the day.

Facial exfoliation

A regular facial scrub or exfoliation such as once a week is something else that should dramatically minimize pores. The course surface will help to dislodge dirt and oil that has build up within the pores, reducing them in size. Be careful not to run to hard or you may cause redness and sensitivity.

Moisturize your face

A good moisturizer can be another effective tool when it comes to methods to minimize pores. It is important to buy a moisturizer that has been designed for your skin type as this really can make a difference. Anyone suffering from greasy skin needs to go with an oil free moisturizer and your skin is providing more than enough by itself. Those who suffer from dry skin, require a moisturizer rich in oils. There are also moisturizers available that contain retinol, which is an active ingredient that enhances collagen. This help to make the skin tighter and help to minimize pores.


If you are finding your pores to be particularly stubborn and not finding anything to be effective, you may want to think about over the counter or even prescription medications. There are topical and oral options and if you are unsure what it best for you, a trip to the doctor may be useful to get the appropriate advice.


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