How to make the paleo diet food list and what is on it

November 12, 2012

How to make the paleo diet food list and what is on it

Deciding what you are going to eat each day or what meals to prepare for your family can become like a boring chore that you simply have to do each day. This has become a common complaint for dieters trying to stick to the paleo diet. For those who have not yet heard of it, this is the diet that bases meals around what our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have been eating. Many people think that this diet is too restricting and cut out too many food groups. These then are probably the people whose meals revolve around grain-based foods such as bread as this is the only food group that is really forbidden. The answer to overcoming the boredom of a restricted diet is to diversify. Every food group contains tons of options, and there is no need to stick to the most famous and obvious ones. Below is a paleo diet food list, which varies and expands on the basic suggestions usually made. Take a look at the list just before you head out to the supermarket to give yourself some inspiration for alternative and exciting meal ideas. They don’t have to require any more preparation or elaborate cooking methods, simply using some new ingredients can be enough to spice up your diet. The first thing on the paleo diet food list is meat and poultry. Of course the old favourites are still good, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and lamb but some people have enjoy a change with some less common meats such as rabbit, veal, sheep and wild boar. For some alternate poultry there’s quail, duck and goose or if you enjoy eating game meat you could try deer, pheasant, moose or wild turkey. Fish and shellfish are great alternatives if you don’t want to eat too much meat, try crab, lobster, oysters, shrimps, salmon, trout, sole, halibut, walleye, mackerel or another of the many species. Eggs can also be varied and the difference is taste is definitely noticeable from chicken eggs, duck eggs and goose eggs to the much smaller in size but delicious quail eggs.

When it comes to vegetables there is a whole abundance in choice, type and colour and this is one the most health beneficial food groups on the paleo diet food list. Some popular and tasty vegetables include leeks, onion, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, asparagus and many more. Green leafy vegetables are great sources of different minerals and nutrients so these should definitely be integrated into your diet. Try spinach, kale, dandelion, seaweeds, rocket, bok choy, chicory or one of the many others. Don’t forget about the root vegetables either with some delicious options such as sweet potato, turnips, parsnips, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, yams and beets.

There are an abundance of options when it comes to fruit with it all making it on to the paleo diet food list. Some examples that may not come to mind so quickly are mango, coconut, plums, grapefruit, peaches, pomegranate, papaya, pineapple, dates, figs and kiwi fruit.

Nuts and seeds are important in providing healthy oil and fats so try to integrate them into daily meals such as salads. You could try brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and almonds.

Mushrooms are tasty and come in many different forms like button, portabello, shitake, oyster and porcini mushrooms.

Fresh or dry herbs as well as spices can jazz up any meal. Experiment with parsley, thyme, lavender, mint, basil, sage, dill, ginger garlic, pepper, mustard seeds, nutmeg, vanilla or paprika or one of the many more that makes it onto the paleo diet food list.

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