How to Lose 10 Kilos in 2 Weeks?

November 12, 2012

How to Lose 10 Kilos in 2 Weeks?

There are hundreds diets and supplements that may help you lose weight. Your challenge lies in separating the hype from actual results. This 13 day diet can help you lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks.

Day 1

  • Your breakfast on the first day should include a cup of coffee with a single cube of sugar.

  • Two boiled eggs, 400 g of spinach and 1 medium-sized tomato should be consumed for lunch.

  • Dinner may include 200g beef steak to provide additional proteins along with fresh green salad with oil and lemon juice. This will provide the required vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you require without any additional carbohydrates.

Day 2

  • One cup of coffee and one cube of sugar should still form your breakfast.

  • You should consume protein-rich lunch containing 250 g of ham and one cup of natural yogurt.

  • Your dinner is the same as day one and includes 200 g of beef steak and salad with oil and lemon juice.

Day 3

  • You may add a slice of toast to your coffee with one cube of sugar.

  • Your lunch may also include fresh salad with lemon juice along with 2 boiled eggs and one slice of ham.

  • You should, however, skip the meat for dinner, and include boiled celery, one tomato and one fruit such as apple, pear or orange.

Day 4

  • Your breakfast is similar to day 3 with toast, coffee and sugar cube.

  • Your lunch should only include 200 ml of orange juice and one natural yogurt.

  • Your dinner should include about 250 g of cheese, one carrot and one boiled egg.

Day 5

  • You should cut down on your breakfast on the fifth day and eat only 1 large carrot.

  • Your lunch should include 200 g of boiled cod with lemon juice and a teaspoon of butter.

  • You can, however, include 200 g of beef steak and 1 sliced in your dinner as part of a diet that would help you lose 10 kilos.

Day 6

  • You should revert back to coffee and toast breakfast on this day.

  • To lose 10 kilos, you should consume 2 boiled eggs and one large carrot for lunch.

  • You can include ½ oven baked chicken and 1 salad with oil and lemon juice.

Day 7

  • Your breakfast on this day should include one cup without sugar.

  • Your lunch on this day would include only water.

  • Dinner may include 200 g of lamb chops and one apple.

Day 8

  • To lose 10 kilos, your breakfast, lunch and dinner are similar to what you consumed on the first day.

Day 9

  • Your breakfast will still include coffee and one sugar cube

  • A lunch of 250 g of ham and 1 yogurt on the ninth day may help lose 10 kilos.

  • The dinner would include 250 g of roasted beef and salad with oil and lemon juice

Day 10

  • Your diet for day 10 is similar to your diet on day 3.

Day 11

  • To lose 10 kilos of weight in two weeks, your diet in this day is similar to day 4.

Day 12

  • You should follow the same meal plan as you did on the fifth day of this program

Day 13

  • This is the large day of your diet. It should include one cup of coffee, one sugar cube and one toast

  • You can eat two boiled eggs and one carrot.

  • The last step to lose 10 kilos would be a dinner made up of 250 g of chicken and one lemon juice.


Although this diet may help you lose 10 kilos in two weeks, it is very hard to follow. You would not gain any weight even if you revert back to normal diet after 13 days. Some additional tips include:

  • Do not eat any outside food during the 13 days.

  • If you are unable to maintain the diet for more than 6 days, discontinue it and restart after 3 months.

  • Coffee may be replaced with tea, and all salads should be fresh.

  • Drink water to overcome hunger.

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