How To Get Abs That Are Amazing!

November 12, 2012

How To Get Abs That Are Amazing!

Most of usual advice around on how to get abs is directed towards men – who tend to want a ‘deep’ ab look; but, women are after a more feminine and sexy look when they want to get abs.

In the quest to get abs we need to think about losing fat and increasing ab definition – of course we also want to avoid looking bloated from overdoing things.

Building ab muscles does not necessarily take a lot of work but the one thing that is essential is a low body fat percentage. So the best approach when we want to get abs is, initially, to burn away any body fat. Once this is done there are several effective exercises that can be done to develop those more feminine abs we are after. Care must be taken to work the ab muscles correctly in order to avoid thickening of the muscles – which is the cause of the bloated effect.

Most everyone knows that the key to weight or fat loss as well as good muscle tone is a lifestyle change that is sustainable – if we set impossible goals in our quest to get abs then the results we have worked so hard for will be lost very quickly as we revert to our old habits.

It is important to make changes that work for you, in order to lose the body fat we need to in order to get the abs we want we probably need to make changes in diet. One method used by those who like a decent sized meal without the worry of how many calories they are eating is to fast intermittently thereby creating a weekly calorie deficit. This type of fasting entails a total food fast twice a week for a full 24 hours a week – this will reduce calorie intake over the week by up to 20%. Intermittent fasting may also speed up the metabolism which will then speed up the fat burning process we are seeking in our quest to get abs.

It should be remembered that in order to get abs – for them to show through as it were – our whole body needs to be lean with a low body fat percentage. The ‘problem’ is that fat burns away from the body in a particular order – which is not necessarily the order we would desire – the fat around the stomach and thigh area is almost always the last to disappear and by the time it starts to go our face, arms, shoulders etc will already be looking very lean.

Eventually the top two ab muscles will begin to show through. Be wary of any method or workout that claims to be able to ‘spot reduce’ and help you lose that stomach fat first – not true! Areas of the body with A2 receptors are the first place fat hits and the last place it leaves – and there are more of these A2 receptors in the stomach and thighs than anywhere else. This is why it is important to do those ab targeting exercises at the end of the program when most of the body fat has burned away – to do otherwise may lead to bigger abs and so to a bigger stomach and that bloating effect we are keen to avoid.

Exercise is an important part of the whole process and one of the best and quickest ways to burn off fat is with High Intensity Interval Training which consists of a cardio workout.

One of the most effective exercises to use when seeking to get abs are hanging leg raises – this will begin to build those visible abs we are after. Hanging leg raises create a wide range of motion especially when compared with sit ups and crunches for example. Leg raises are also not as hard on the back. The plank is another great one which can be used to finish the workout; it is also a great way to help even out your abs. But always remember it is the quality of the exercise that matters, not the quantity or even the variety in the case of wanting to get abs.

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