How to Diet using a Complex Carbohydrates List

November 12, 2012

How to Diet using a Complex Carbohydrates List

Men and women who are dieting should take foods from a complex carbohydrates list. There is no need to carry the list of what is included. Just think natural.

Concentrate on eating whole grain food. Berries, bran, beans and brown rice are a good choice, along with fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables. To enable the body to function at its best consider yams and wheat germ. These provide fiber, minerals and vitamins.

The downside of a diet based on a complex carbohydrates list is that nutritionally it is unbalanced. Carbohydrates don’t make you fat it is the calorific content of the food which is eaten. So regular exercise and vigorous activity along with training with weights should be included in the new regime.

Using a complex carbohydrates list is good to begin with in the attempt to lose weight but other things like good and bad carbohydrates and calorie counting have to be taken into consideration in reducing the fat.

Foods from the complex carbohydrates list are substantial and filling. Digesting takes longer and no quick sugar rushes are experienced.

It is best to stay away from the simple carbohydrate food when dieting. These include ice cream, cakes, pastries and pancakes. These foods are absorbed quickly and the risk of them being converted in to fat is higher. Simple carbohydrates are connected to developing Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.

Eating food from the complex carbohydrates list in large quantities means that weight will be gained and no fat loss will occur. To lose fat from the problem areas it is important to burn more calories than the amount you are eating.

To diet safely and sensibly just having a complex carbohydrates list is not the answer. Exercise for about 30 minutes per day to start with and then an exercise regime can be set up. Before taking part in any diets or exercise programs it is best to get advice from the doctor. Weight training builds the muscle tissue which raises the metabolism. This means fat is burned for longer. Gradually increase the number of hours sleeping and also drink more water. These help in the fat burning process. Fasting on certain days over a period of time is considered by some to be a sensible and safe way in losing calories and in turn resulting in loss of fat.

It may be that the foods in a complex carbohydrates list appear to be limited. This is not the case. There is a lot more variety and choice than first thought. To be successful in any diets or fat loss regimes it is really important to have an awareness of the food you eat. Also aim to understand how certain foods affect the body. Remember the results of eating certain foods can be good and bad.


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