How Exercises for Sciatica Can Provide the Utmost Pain Relief

November 12, 2012

How Exercises for Sciatica Can Provide the Utmost Pain Relief

In most sciatica cases, special exercises for sciatica are highly recommended as part of the treatment program.

In general, these exercises are meant to reduce the pain as quickly as possible, as well as provide conditioning for sciatica patients, so that future recurrences no longer happen.

The Importance of Exercise for Sciatica Pain Relief

Although it might appear to be counterintuitive, exercises for sciatica are actually much more effective for pain relief when it comes to this condition compared to bed rest. Although patients might be allowed to rest for a couple of days after the pain gets worse, falling into inactivity after that will only make things worse. In fact, without movement or exercise, the spinal structures and back muscles may become deconditioned and may no longer be able to provide the required back support. This can then lead to back strain, injury, and more pain.

Aside from that, active exercise would also be vital for spinal health, and movement can help exchange fluids and nutrients inside of the spine to maintain their health and prevent any pressure from falling onto the sciatic nerves.

The Different Features of Sciatica Exercises

Core Muscle Strength

A lot of exercises for sciatica aim to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles to provide more back support. Stretching exercises are oftentimes used here to loosen up the target muscles and make them more flexible in the long run.

Specific Diagnosis

The majority of sciatica exercise programs out there will address the specific causes of the patient’s pain, like spinal stenosis or a herniated disc. Since following the wrong exercises can make the pain worse, make sure you get a proper diagnosis before starting any form of exercise program to begin with.

Hamstring Stretches

No matter what the diagnosis might be, hamstring stretches will benefit most cases of sciatica out there. This is because hamstrings that are too tight usually increase lower back stress and tend to make sciatica worse, in general.

Proper Exercise

Naturally, if you want your exercises for sciatica to be effective, you have to make sure you follow the proper form while doing them; otherwise, they might result in increased or continued pain. Because of this, it would be highly advisable to follow these exercises while being guided by a physical therapist, physiatrist, health practitioner or chiropractor the first few times.

Aerobic Exercises

Aside from specific exercises for sciatica, aerobic exercises would also be encouraged when it comes to body fitness, in general. Walking, for one, would be a great lower back exercise since it doesn’t require a lot of impact, yet provides great aerobic benefits in the long run. Try it!

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