How does mederma work?

November 12, 2012

How does mederma work?

The active ingredients found in mederma make it an effective treatment for scars but how does mederma work?

The cause of a scar

In order to answer the question, how does mederma work, one first needs to understand what happens when a scar is formed. When we have an accident that causes a cut in the skin, our bodies automatically begin to produce new fibres to protect the inner layers of the skin from becoming exposed. Rather than replace the old skin, these new fibres are slightly different and is often harder that normal skin. Other differences include its lightness in colour and the fact that is more fibrous. This skin is known as scar tissue. Scar tissue typically does not get the same quantities of blood circulating through it, which can cause damage to the sweat glands that would typically keep the skin moist. This is the reason that scar tissue becomes hard.

Active ingredients found in mederma

The primary answer to the how does mederma work is through its make up of active ingredients. The main active ingredient found in mederma is alllium cepa. This is an extract if onion that has been studies and thought to contain both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Mederma comes in the form of both a gel and a cream; the form you chose is up to preference. Through applying mederma on the site of the injury, the cream or gel acts as a barrier protecting the inner layer of skin from exposure. This means the skin doesnÂ’t have to produce as much scar tissue as it normally would do because it is not needed for protection. Any scar tissue that does from will be kept soft by another ingredient in mederma known as aloe. This prevents the scar tissue from becoming hard and changing colour.

Follow direction provided

Follow the directions that come with the medication. Mederma can be bought over the counter but if you are unsure ask your doctor or another medical processional for advice or instructions on how does mederma work and how to use it. Mederam should be applied to the affected area after the wound has begun its natural healing process and there is no chance that it has become infected. Applying the cream to open wound will not help or speed up the recovery, not to mention it would cause an intense stinging and painful sensation. Once you begin using mederma, it is recommended tore-apply it three times a day in order to keep the skin moist and to prevent scarring.


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