How Does an Ovulation Predictor Work

November 12, 2012

How Does an Ovulation Predictor Work

Perhaps your trying to get pregnant and are using ClearBlue Easy as an ovulation predictor. Are you familiar with OvaCue Digital Monitor?

If you’re a women and you want to get pregnant, chances are you will use an ovulation predictor some where along the way. The only time you can get pregnant is when a mature egg is released from the ovary and passes into the fallopian tube. The egg is only available for 1 to 2 days of the month and the days the egg is available can vary from month to month. That’s why it helps to purchase an ovulation predictor. This tool measures luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine and will tell you when you’re about to release an egg. There are other devices that make use of your saliva to tell you when you’re going to ovulate. We’ll take a look at two different devices then you can decide which one you like the best.

ClearBlue Easy and LH

The ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor is promoted by the American Pregnancy Association. It is reported to be easy to use hence its name. To track ovulation you need to program in the 1st day of menstruation. The kit contains a test stick that you will use to test for LH (luteinizing hormone) in your urine. Urinate on the test stick then place it in the test slot and wait for the stick to develop. This monitor is used to track your cycle. Each day you do this the LH levels will be measured and recorded. Bear in mind some LH is always present in the urine, however LH levels peak 24 to 48 hours before ovulation. Overly, the monitor shows what your chances are to get pregnant by indicating low, high or peak. Most consumers rate this monitor with 5 stars in terms of ease of use and accuracy. The monitor can be used over and over again however, the test sticks need to be replaced every month until you do conceive or choose to stop using this ovulation predictor.

OvaCue Digital Monitor

This ovulation predictor is touted to have 98 percent accuracy and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The OvaCue uses saliva instead of urine. This monitor is looking for changes in electrolytes due to increases in estrogen which also indicates ovulation. This system is less messy than ClearBlue Easy and doesn’t require test sticks to replace. Users rate OvaCue with a full 5 stars in terms of its ease of use, accuracy and you don’t have to replace any test sticks. However, OvaCue is more expensive than ClearBlue Easy but you can use it over and over again without having to replace anything.


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