How Diabetics Can Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Goals

November 12, 2012

How Diabetics Can Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Goals

You never really think about how important normal blood sugar levels are until you have been diagnosed as a diabetic. With normal blood sugar, you could eat what you wanted and where you wanted. You didn’t need to deal with insulin, glucose meters or an increase in doctor visits. You didn’t get those pitying looks from others. But you can manage to regain normal blood sugar readings by following your doctor’s advice and these tips.

Keep a Blood Glucose Journal

Getting the diabetes diagnosis is a huge life adjustment. Make it easier on yourself by keeping a blood glucose diary or journal. Just write down the day’s date, when you last ate, your blood sugar level and the time you took the test. Note if you feel stressed or ill when the test was being done. This can be anything from a notebook to an online spread sheet. Show this to your doctors to help them quickly judge the progress of your current diabetes treatment. You will also be able to see how foods or life events can impact your normal blood sugar.

Don’t Try To Be Tough

Don’t try and do all of your diabetes management yourself. Let your family and friends become involved. This way if you forget something, you can consult your friends or family members for a reminder. Don’t worry about how busy your doctors are. If you have questions, ask them. Let them fill in your blood glucose journal on days when you are really tired. Just dictate what you want them to write. If you feel all alone, join an online or in person diabetes support group.

Keep Your Options Open

There is one advantage of having diabetes over many other types of illnesses – there are numerous options open to you. There many different types of glucose meters, including those that “speak” and those that do not need for you to prick your fingers constantly for a reading. There are also different ways of taking your insulin. If one method is not working for you, ask your doctor for an alternative. Be encouraged by the true stories of celebrities and professional athletes with diabetes such as actress Halle Berry, legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson, novelist Anne Rice, singer Nick Jonas, country music superstar Johnny Cash and “Star Wars” director George Lucas.

Keep Taking Prescribed Medication

If you feel better and have a long stretch of normal blood sugar levels, you can be tempted to stop taking your prescription medications. Talk to your doctor before stopping any medication. The reason you are doing so much better may be in part due to the medications. Keep a list of all of your medications in your car and in your wallet in case you have to go to the hospital. They won’t automatically know that you are diabetic and you may not be in a position to tell them. Include any vitamins, herbs or nutritional supplements on your medication list.

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