Home Remedies for Hay Fever

November 12, 2012

Home Remedies for Hay Fever

Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction characterized by runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing. The condition is triggered by plant pollen, especially in spring and summer when the pollen levels are high in the air.


Hay fever affects almost 20 percent of people in the United States. Avoiding the triggers is often the best way to prevent and treat hay fever. Your doctor may also prescribe anti-histamine and corticosteroid medications, depending on the severity of the symptoms. Decongestant nasal sprays may help relieve the respiratory symptoms. Your doctor may also administer allergy shots in rare cases. However, these medications may be associated certain side effects. You may, therefore, try some homemade remedies to improve your symptoms.

Homemade Remedies

Homemade remedies can provide relief from the symptoms of hay fever. While some treatments may relieve symptoms, others may try to treat the inflammation associated with allergic reactions.

  • Drinking chamomile tea can relieve hay fever symptoms. Smearing chamomile and lemon oil on a paper towel and inhaling it may also improve the symptoms.

  • Ginger tea and raw honey may also help break the congestion of chest and loosen phlegm. It can also strengthen the immune system.

  • Green tea may block the production of histamine in your body, and thereby prevent inflammation and allergies.

  • Peppermint tea can relieve nasal and sinus congestion.

  • Butterbur can also reduce inflammation by blocking histamines and leukotrienes. This can help treat sneezing, itchy eyes, sinus congestion and headaches.

  • Steam inhalation can also break up congestion. Addition of a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the bowl of hot water may lead to more benefits.

  • You may also boil grapefruit and lemon in a cup of water for 15 minutes, cool it and mix with raw honey before consuming it orally to relieve hay fever symptoms.

  • Calendula diluted in water can help soothe itchy eyes. However, it is important to use non-alcoholic version of the liquid. Adding a dropper of colloidal silver will enhance the anti-microbial action and reduce inflammation.

  • You may also take omega-3 fatty acids to lower the levels of inflammatory chemicals such as histamines.

  • People with burning and itching nose and the eyes may use Arundo to relieve sneezing, runny nose and loss of smell.

  • Itching on the roof of the mouth and back of the nose can be treated with homeopathic medications such as Wyethia.

  • Arum Triphyllum can also relieve the burning nasal discharge that creates raw sores on the skin.

  • Sabadilla is considered as one of the best home remedies for constant sneezing accompanied by nasal discharge and itching.


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