Home Remedies for Acne Scars

November 12, 2012

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Cystic acne causes major damage to the skin, including scarring. Teens and young adults with normal acne and blackheads usually do not have to worry about acne scars. The first step in treating acne scars is to treat the acne first and worry about the scars later. It is unknown what causes severe acne and therefore difficult to prevent. It must be treated by a doctor or dermatologist. Treatment gets rid of the painful, swollen acne but does not prevent or eliminate scarring.

Making scars is a very effective way for skin to heal after a deep lesion like a cystic acne nodule. Scarring helps keep microorganisms like bacteria and viruses out of the open skin. But scars leave uneven skin tones and textures. Here are some home remedies you can try to even out your skin coloration and reduce the appearance of acne scars:

Aloe Vera Gel

This is an inexpensive and easily available over the counter remedy found in pharmacies and health food stores. It is made from the sap of several species of aloe vera plants. The sap oozes from any breaks, tears or openings in the plant and keeps invasive germs out. Aloe vera gel is kills bacteria and helps to reduce swelling in human skin. It also is an astringent, which helps to keep the skin clean. Aloe vera gel can be used alone or in combination with other home remedies for acne scars.

Rose Hip Oil

Some people believe that rose hip oil works better than any other home remedy for all types of scarring, including acne scars. However, it is more expensive than aloe vera gel. Rose hip oil contains a large amount of fatty acid, which helps to plump, moisturize and smooth out the skin, including scarred skin. Rose hip oil is so effective that it is sometimes recommended by dermatologists. Oil can be applied full-strength to the skin but it can feel very greasy. It can be mixed in with aloe vera and marigold tincture. Be sure to use sunscreen on your face when using rose hip oil, because it can make skin more prone to sunburn.

Marigold Tincture

Tincture of marigold flowers is available from health food stores, alternative medicine suppliers, many pharmacies and some large chain department stores. It is often sold under the name of calendula tincture, because the scientific name for marigold is Calendula officinalis. Like rose hip oil, it contains fatty acids to help smooth uneven skin. Like aloe vera gel, marigold tincture also is an anti-inflammatory. It can be used neat or mixed in equal parts with aloe vera gel.

Lemon Juice

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is reportedly better for acne scars than bottled lemon juice. Lemons are also less expensive than bottled lemon juice. Lemon juice lightens the skin, helps keep the skin clean by removing dead skin cells and stripping off execs body oil or sebum. As a bonus, it smells nice. ItÂ’s always best to try a little patch on your face or neck first to see how your skin reacts to it before painting it all over your face.


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