Healthy Food Swaps

November 12, 2012

Healthy Food Swaps

Anyone who has tried to lose weight…and who hasn’t, knows full well about the difficulties of eating healthy. We all know about the temptation of the fatty, sugary foods. But the problem actually lies a little deeper, it is because we have made it a habit to eat these sorts of food that is the problem.

So by thinking about your eating habits maybe we can change something for the better. From the UK government’s NHS website comes a novel approach. This approach allows you to eat when you normally do and in the usual manner, but it asks you to consider a “Healthy Food Swap”.

We all know that we should be taking five portions of fruit and vegetables everyday but more than a few of us haven’t quite got there yet. By following this regime may help you get there. All that is required is an awareness of the numbers of calories in your favourite foodstuffs and drinks and the numbers of calories in your healthy swap option. Every supermarket website has a calorie counter so that’s not a problem. The result could be the weight loss that you’ve always wanted.

Because we are not changing the routine of our eating habits or lifestyle things become so much easier. When we would normally snack, we still snack but choose a better option. The main thrust of the scheme is to swap fatty or sugary foods for a healthier option. It can be fruit or vegetables. But it doesn’t have to be, it could be a full milk latte being swapped for a semi skimmed latte and save 78 calories.

Other ideas to try can include giving yourself smaller portions and drinking more water. Every little change adds up.

To follow the plan you must think “stop and swap”. Perhaps planning for tomorrow is a good idea. Instead of eating your standard breakfast with tea with milk and sugar have a lemon tea. Grill your bacon instead of frying. A better swap would be grilled tomatoes for bacon. Or perhaps a bowl of cereal with semi skimmed milk instead of egg, sausage and beans.

Throughout the day other swaps can be made. Have a piece of fruit instead of a biscuit. And even if you go to the pub, instead of having a bottle of beer have a glass of wine. That will save you about 60 calories. You could even drink water and save 160 calories!

By following these actions throughout a normal day 500 or so calories can be removed from your intake every day, and you are still eating the same number of times. You are just eating smarter. If you really crave for sweet things then consider eating figs or bananas, although these are fruits they are also very sweet too.

Recording what you would have eaten against what you did eat for each day is an easy way to measure the calories that you have saved. If you are saving calories then you are going to lose weight!

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